Rigged Polls

Over the weekend, we were polled for the second time in a week. My husband answered the phone. The opening question was:
"What is the most important issue facing Canadians today?"
Now, this is a loaded question and it doesn't exactly take a genius to realize that the desired answer is either "global warming" or "climate change." So, of course my husband said something completely different.
After a pause, the pollster asked what has to be the greatest question polling question of all time. "Can you think of anything else?"
Please tell me you are not actually going to try and push for your pre-selected answer. So my husband answered her with something else (also not global warming or climate change).
"Religious freedom."
The response: "Ah um. That's a good one." She didn't ask her question again, although I am sure she wanted to.
No doubt we were scratched off their calling list. No more calling the socially conservative, right-wing, religious nutbars for them. No siree bob.


Vek said...

Did they happen to mention which polling company they were?

Anonymous said...

I did too! Interesting but, the whole thing was to generate postive responses to environmental issues. On the question of which company is the least socially resposible I said "The Liberal Party of Canada", "Can you think of another?" after an extended pregant pause that allowed me to say it was a company as far as I know. My other was just as reasonable "The New Democratic Party".
My responses to the other myraid questions would have skewed the results, they were trying to achieve. It was so transparent that it wasn't at all difficult to know what they wanted. What is scary is the tatics now being used to "hammer" home the message. Seems there is nothing they won't invent. There must be a lot of money expected to flow to them with this can of effort. Gobbels doesn't hold a candle to these "guys".

Anonymous said...

probably sponsored by Dr. Fruit Fly and his scamming buddies at deSMUGblog

SUZANNE said...

Was that the Ontario electricity poll? Because I got that call, too.

I answered "The Family". I wanted to answer "abortion"-- but since it was an "Ontario" call, and the province has little control over abortion, I decided for something a little broader.

I used to work for a polling company. They really do call people at random. I phoned phone sex lines, fax lines, ticket office lines, every business imaginable. They'll be phoninig you again because they called you at random.

Trust me, the person on the other end of the phone doesn't care what you answer, as long as it has a modicum of sense. All they want is another person to answer to improve their stats.

Mike said...

Your narrative looks like a rant at best, and a fabrication at worst. Charges of bias can become useful weapons in an arsenal to help further your agenda - if you can demonstrate some truth to the accusations. I am willing to wager you cannot. It's not difficult to find out who is doing the polling, nor is a lot of effort needed to get and publish the questions asked. Your readers could then judge the legitimacy of your claims. Without putting in the effort, you might portray a moral and intellectual laziness, common among so many political commentators.

Ruth said...

Yah-blah blah blah blah.
Typical humourless lefty.

Anonymous said...

Your narrative looks like a rant at best....blah...blah...blah.

Everytime we righties don't play by the strict guidelines set up by the left, they claim we are lying or make stuff up. Hey Mike, I don't play be lefty rules either. Hop about a cup of Conservative blue? Perhaps it will take that knot out of your panties!

Vek said...

So Mike, what are the lefty rules anyway? Question nothing unless it comes from the right? Everyone is quite aware that most polling agencies have a bias.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they call me.. I would have said the following in order: immigration, immigrants scamming Canada, immigrant crime, immigrants take local's jobs etc..
(real conservative)

Mike said...

Exactly where did you get the idea I am a lefty? I am - simply - a citizen interested in accurate reporting of situations that compromise your and my right to make informed choices. I have never cast a vote for the left in my life, but am sorely tempted to when I see the quality of dialogue spewing from the right wing blogosphere.

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