Private Members Bills

Does anyone know how to attract attention to a private members bill that has been tabled and read once, but not voted on? I am actively looking for information on this. Anyone with tips or advice, please post.

Edit: from The Phantom Observer


Sara said...

you can start a petition against it, move to speak to the committee if it makes it that far. Your best bet though is to email all the MP's giving your case against the bill. Which one is it?

Anonymous said...

You want advice... now you got it!

Get some people together and create a website which critiques bills in parliament and makes comments on them and then promote it to policy wonks, media and interested types.

Sounds like a winner to me.
(real conservative)

Ruth said...

I don't want to petition against the bill. I want the bill put through. So far, it has only been read once and there have been no votes on it.

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