It's a Sad Day...

Comment moderation has been turned on until further notice. I have attracted a troll. Normally, I wouldn't care. It's not like this is my first troll. But really, I'm 8-months pregnant. I don't have much in the way of patience these days.
In the words of Homer Simpson, "People are stupid. That's why everyone does everything."


Joanne (True Blue) said...

You've got a troll, Ruth?

Congratulations! You've arrived. You're a real blogger now.

Anonymous said...

Sadly too many blogging tories have resorted to censorship even of comments from their own kind. I hope you still allow some dissention vs your own views.
(real conservative)

Ruth said...

Sadly, anonymous, the comments are not "views." They are a whole lot of nothing. Just a bunch of random swearing and insults.
Believe me, I thought hard about doing this. I hate comment moderation. It slows down conversation and frankly, it's just a nuisance for normal people out there. Hopefully, whoever it is gets bored and goes away. Otherwise, I may have to shut down my comments altogether for a few weeks... something I'd really rather not do.

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