Abortion: Intro to the Discussion

As many of you will recall, back in December there was what I can only describe as a "big to-do" between the new leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, and hardcore left-wing political activist Judy Rebick. In an interview, Ms. May had expressed some sentiments on abortion that were clearly pro-life. Ms. Rebick later responded to her views by articulating the notion that even discussing abortion and a woman's "right to choose" was turning back the clock to an archaic way of life.
Intrigued by the discussion, I started looking at some of the debate around abortion in Canada. I discovered an overwhelming amount of misinformation and ignorance. In fact, there is a lot out there that borders on superstition. Discussions of fetal development and the question of "when does life begin" are not welcome. Many Canadian women are not aware that if they are pregnant, not only can they legally have an abortion up until delivery but their baby has absolutely no rights and no protection under the law at all. I also found that most people are not aware of the fact that we abort nearly one third of our incoming/non-immigrant population every year. For a country with a birth-rate as low as ours, this is sure to spell long term disaster.
I had initially planned to write series of posts all at once. However, since it will take too much time to do this, I will be writing a series of posts over the next few weeks, perhaps even months. These posts are primarily intended to inform.
It should be noted that I have no intention of hiding my personal bias in this matter. I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant. The fact that I could have an abortion, that my husband has no rights at all over my child, that someone could potentially harm or even kill my child and I would be left with little to no legal recourse, is a major concern to me. In addition to this, there are my religious beliefs. As with the rest of my life, God play the biggest role in the shaping of my views on life and how it should be treated.
Comments are welcome, of course. If you have any references that I might find useful, please provide them. I am always on the lookout for more information on the subject. If I do not provide any sources with a post, then I would recommend that you do a Google search for any of the following terms: abortion, abortion law in Canada, bill C-338, Elizabeth May and Judy Rebick, fetal rights movement and fetal development. Statistics Canada also provides some information on the number of abortions performed in this country.


Frank Cybulski said...

I'm glad that you brought up the demographic point: it's something that largely goes unrecognised in the West. Without abortion, our birth rates would, almost universally, be above replacement rate.

Trading civilisational survival for "a woman's right to choose" doesn't sound like such a great trade to me.

Anonymous said...

Abortion aside, why does the survival of civilization depend upon (at least) a replacement birthrate in the mid term (next several hundred years)?

It seems to me that the opposite is true. If we want any hope of long term survival we need to reduce our birthrate to at most replacement, any larger than that (over the long term) spells doom - mathmatically!

I personally would like to see the abortion rate drop dramatically too - I think it's awful. The most important thing we can be doing to prevent abortions is to provide young adults with information about and no parental concent required access to birth control.

Ruth said...

It seems to me that the opposite is true. If we want any hope of long term survival we need to reduce our birthrate to at most replacement, any larger than that (over the long term) spells doom - mathmatically!
Why would you think this?
Global overpopulation is a myth. Only India and China are really suffering from overpopulation relative to their geographical size. In any case, Canada isn't even replacing it's aging population. Our birthrate is about 1.8 kids per family and it has been on a steady decline in the last 40-50 years. When the baby boomer generation retires, we are not going to have enough people in the workforce to maintain our economical growth.

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