The Wrath of Khan

Ok, so he probably isn't all that angry. Still, how could I resist? ;-)

The circumstances surrounding former Liberal MP Wajid Khan's decision to cross the floor illustrates perfectly why floor crossing must remain in our political system. True, there are the Stronach's and Emerson's of the political sphere. There always will be. But when a party leader objects to a member helping the government, when he objects to an MP working for the good of the country, then that MP has no choice but to leave.
Khan unquestionably made the right decision.
Dion, on the other hand, unquestionably made a catastrophic mistake. That friends of Khan's feel that the immigrant vote is being taken for granted by the Liberals only supports my view. To suggest that an Opposition MP should not be working with the government on important issues is arrogance. To then state that your party is willing to co-operate with the government after you have forbidden a member from doing so is blatant hypocrisy.
Whenever the next election happens, if even one Liberal stands up to accuse the Conservative party of "blind partisanship," I hope someone brings up this incident. It is yet another perfect illustration of why the Liberals should not be given power until they can clean up their act. Nothing has changed. They are still the same old myopic and pitifully corrupt organization.

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SUZANNE said...

Khan is now a Con. :D

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