The Incredible Shrinking Party

As our good Prime Minister said, "I watch... exits from the Liberal party with interest."
Mark Persaud, Former head of the Liberals' Multiculturalism Committee, has left the Liberal Party and joined the Conservatives.
I almost feel sorry for Dion.
Not quite.


Anonymous said...

It looks political consultant Stephen Harper is on a roll.

Having already blown any prospect of a majority government, he desperately need to gain seats in the 905 to make up for impending losses in the West and Quebec. This just to have any hope of holding a minority.

You can't blame Harper for trying. He should begin working on being sincere. Is there a syrum for this?

Ruth said...

What the heck does this have to do with my post? Former Liberals are abandoning the Party and joining the Conservatives and you think Harper is the one with a political problem?

Anonymous said...

Harper has a big time problem. He is not getting the job done. One year into his government and he further behind than he was last year. He has lost control of the agenda and it is "mea culpa" everywhere. He even is losing the ethics battle --- revised Election Canada statements.

There is no majority coming. Harper will be lucky to get a minority in the next election. Too bad! Us Conservatives deserve better leadership!

Ruth said...

What planet are you living on? A lot has been accomplished, especially in the areas of ethics and accountability. Can you verify the claim that he has lost control of his agenda? From where I am sitting, things are going pretty well. The only thing I would disagree with so far is the way the issue of gay marriage was handled, but I already posted on that.
It's true, we may not get a majority in the next election. If we do, it is likely to only be a weak one. A minority, and a strong minority at that, is no problem. The Liberals are not up to the task. That members are vacating the party at alarming speed is a good indication of that.

Anonymous said...

Persaud was not an MP - no loss there and you'll soon find out why.

So, the Liberals lost 2 - one is leaving politics and one crossed.

And the Conservatives lost??????? Keith Martin, Stronach, Brison.....3 to 1

Ruth said...


Anonymous said...

Its called party renewal Ruth. You get rid of the weak links like Khan. Even better if you get an opposing Party to pick them up.

Dion suckered Harper at the first opportunity. We Conservatives should be wary.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Yeah, this all looks "big" because it's 3 people, but I don't see how this is a great story for the Tories. It's neutral, if not bad for the CPC.

Lapierre is a founder of the Bloc Quebecois, a multi floor crossing, separatist-wooing holdover from Martin's failed mission to use soft nationalists to try to appeal to Quebeckers. I'd imagine most Liberals are happy to see him go, and I'm certain Stephane Dion in particular is THRILLED.

Persuad is not an MP and basically flipped because his friend Khan did.

And Khan, he's the most troublesome of all.

Either Khan was lying when he told taxpayers his work as an advisor was non-partisan and that he would create a report intended for all parties (in which case he secretly began doing partisan political work for the Conservative Party of Canada while lying to Canadians about it and continuing to sit in our Parliament as a Liberal MP), or...

Khan was telling the truth about being a non-partisan advisor working on an all-party report, and now the PMO is lying, either because the taxpayer funded report is so good they want to keep it to themseleves for their own partisan advantage, or it's so bad they don't want it seen, and tainting their newest recruit.

Now, the third option is that Khan never wrote a report at all (because no one in the CPC figured anyone would ever ask to see it), and the Tories are stalling for time so someone can write one up... but that's not good for the CPC either.

So, Lapierre's move rids Dion of a Quebec MP with a view of the battle against separatism starkly contrasting with his own, Khan's defection is either the defection of an MP who lied to Canadians and secretly switched political parties well before doing so publicly, or the defection of an MP who nobly tried to be non-partisan and foster all-party cooperation on the all-important Middle East file, and was immediately subordinated, muzzled and contradicted the moment he switched to the Tories. And Persaud is just fruit of the poisoned Khan tree.

I just can't see how any of this is good for Tories, and I think those who think it is are deluding themselves.

Jeff said...

Jason - Is that you?

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