Don't Let the Door Hit You In the Butt...

So, a few days after Khan leaves the Liberals to join the Tories, Liberal MP Jean Lapierre announces that he too is leaving the Liberals. He wants to be on TV instead. Harper comments "I watch... exits from the Liberal party with interest."
Yeah. Don't we all.
As many have heard by now, Justin Trudeau is planning to enter politics... as a Liberal of course. It will be interesting to see if he actually runs or not. If he does, I will watch the next election with great interest. I can imagine nothing worse for the Liberal Party than Justin Trudeau. Young voters won't care unless they are already Liberal and older voters will only be disgusted by this blatant act of opportunism.
Part of me wonders if more Liberals will flee what appears to be a sinking ship. If the future holds more resignations, we could see a Conservative majority in the next election. Truth be told, I think it would do the Liberal Party the world of good to be out of power for a while. They need to rebuild themselves, much in the way the Conservatives did after Mulroney.

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