Senate Reform: Update

According to Canada.com:
The proposed change will not see voters elect Senators directly, it would allow for a plebiscite to choose candidates and the government would still make appointments. A plurality voting system may be used at first, later moving to a preferential system of proportional representation, the prime minister said.

It would seem I was over-hasty in my joy. We will not be able to elect our senators directly immediately. Instead, the bill will allow Canadians to choose who would represent them, and the Prime Ministers would make appointments from that list. Although not as good as moving straight to an elected Senate, this is still an important first step.


ROC said...

And a necessary one, in order to avoid constitutional change.

Deepthinker said...

Agreed it is necessary and only the first step. Nothing else can be done without a constitutional ammedment.

Anonymous said...

A better solution would be to have the provincial legislatures select a number of candidates from which the selection is made. This would maintain the connection with the people, while maintaining the minor role of the Senate as the arm of the government providing input to the HOC.

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