McGuinty Gets a Raise

I meant to blog on this last week. McGuinty decided that he and his fellow MPP's need a raise of over $22,000. He called it the hard way out; not giving himself a raise would have been the easy thing to do.
Yeah, right.
In this article at Canada.com, a professor from the University of Toronto tries to argue that MPP's are underpaid.
"If we use public sector standards, MPPs are dramatically underpaid," Wiseman said.
"An increase of even 50 per cent would not be outrageous when you take into account that the budget of the province is $90 billion a year. You are dealing with small change here."

This has to be the worst argument I have ever seen. Raises are often based on performance. It would be hard to argue that this government has performed well. The Caledonia situation is unresolved as yet and McGuinty introduced a tax intended to fund the health system and then cut a bunch of nursing jobs. If I sat and thought about it, I could probably come up with more examples of poor performance on the part of this government.
The worst part of the argument is the provincial budget. The budget is not $90 billion because it needs to be that high. It's $90 billion because of the colossal amount of waste. A few weeks ago we heard about how Children's Aid wasted money on fancy hotel rooms, meals and the like. They are not the only department wasting money like that.
The Opposition is supporting the wage increase. To be frank, I am not really surprised. Who is going to turn down free money? I would like to see someone really take the hard road and turn down a pay hike.


Anonymous said...


Dont let Dalton win !


Alex Dakota said...

John Tory is in favor too. Stop complaining.

MPs get much more.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This is fueling public cynicism about politicians and will only serve to increase voter apathy.

Anonymous said...

Very true! Good comment.

I wonder what you think of my idea of automatically paying the MPPs exactly twice the average Ontario salary in the private sector (or about $90K/year).
In this way they would not be able to give themselves a raise and their salary would be tied to the performance of the economy in Ontario, which they affect - mostly negatively.
Giuseppe Gori

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