The "Pyjamas" Media

The latest issue of the Christian Renewal has an article about bloggers. I am pleased to say that Blogging Tories is mentioned.
Anyone remember Christina Lawand?
Well, it sounds like she has been fired.


Joanne said...

Any links, Ruth?

Very interesting about Ms. Lawand.

Ruth said...

Sadly no.
The Christian Renewal does not publish online.

jeff said...

source on lawand ruth or is this just slander?

Ruth said...

Are you serious?
I gave you a source. The Christian Renewal. What else would you like? Like I already said, they do not publish online. The do have a website with some basic information (http://www.spindleworks.com/christian/renewal.htm) if you want to contact someone there.

jeff said...

i was quite serious. well done on clearly providing a source. lawand's bio is still up at cbc.ca, btw.

Ruth said...

I did notice that actually. I was considering sending the CBC and email to find out if she is still on staff or not.

vicki said...

slander?? jeff must be very sensitive about spreading false stories ...as in what Lawand did on the 'news'

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