More Thoughts on the "Pink" Book

One thing struck me last night as I was pondering the Pink Book, and that is the fact that it is pink. The opening page is pink and flowery. Policies, statistics and other important points are made in hot pink. Roses litter the pages and the accent colour is a pale pink.
Why pink?
Why was pink chosen instead of some other colour?
Why not white?
Better yet, why not blue?
Instinctively, the answer is that "pink is for girls, blue is for boys." In order to distinguish themselves as a women's group fighting for women's issues, the colour chosen for the Liberal Women's Caucus policy book was a stereotyped colour: pink. If you are trying to break down stereotypes, to advance the cause of a particular group, why would you then work within the stereotype for that group? If a similar group existed for men's causes, is it likely that they would decorate their policy book with hunting gear, cigars and sports symbols?
I am sure that, were you to put the question "Why Pink?" to the Liberal Women's caucus, their answer would be that they wanted to add a woman's touch to the project, that they wanted to distinguish themselves as women, to show that in a man's world you can still keep a feminine side. In reality, that doesn't answer the question. It does not address the fact that pink is not the way to do this. In fact, their excessive use of pink only goes to show that despite a vain attempt to be "empowered" women, the Liberal Women's Caucus cannot move beyond the stereotypes. This is yet another reason to file their Pink Book under the desk.


vicki said...

Good point...and the libs work hard on thier PR deceptions. Pink...blurs femininity with feminism...
I have encouraged my girls to be feminine and my guys to be masculine...while respecting each other's differences. Liberal feminism is against that.

Anonymous said...

You really wonder why they didn't choose blue?

jeff said...

the blue book? give your head a shake.

jj said...

Yeah, same goes for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Why aren't they using blue ribbons???

Ruth said...

Don't be so utterly ridiculous jj. Breast cancer ribbons have nothing to do with enforcing some feminist ideology.
The question "why pink?" is intended to make every reader think. How can a group that claims to be breaking down stereotypes work when they still function WITHIN the confines of that stereotype?
Take a LOOK at the Pink Book. it's appearance is unprofessional. As much as I hate to admit it, appearances do count in the game of politics. The Pink book makes it look as though the Liberal Women's Caucus is living in some sort of Barbie dream world.

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