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Two bits of news on the upcoming Liberal leadership convention caught my eye recently. One is on their policies and the other is on the cost and other problems of the convention itself.
A resolution recognizing Quebec as a nation isn't the only controversy likely to erupt at the Liberals' leadership convention next week.
The various commissions and provincial wings of the party have proposed 135 policy resolutions that will be up for debate.
They range from motherhood proposals to resurrect the previous Liberal government's child care, aboriginal and climate change agendas to more controversial proposals to legalize marijuana and lower the age of consent for consensual anal sex...
Creation of a new federal ministry to formulate national standards for post-secondary education, even though education is a jealously guarded, strictly provincial jurisdiction.
-A party plan to guarantee gender parity in Parliament within three elections.
-Creation of an all-party task force to study alternatives to Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system, including proportional representation.
-Tax incentives to encourage the purchase of low-emission vehicles and tax penalties for purchases of gas-guzzling SUVs and pick-up trucks for personal use in urban settings.

While the average Canadian is struggling with an unfair tax burden and making ends meet, our Liberal pals are thinking about anal sex. This is a real eye opener into their priorities... or lack thereof. Not mentioned in the article is decriminalizing and regulating prostitution, but I am certain it is still Liberal Party policy.
A fundraiser to subsidize female delegates to the Liberal leadership convention was held up Monday as proof that the party needs to adopt a more economical process of one person-one vote for selecting its leaders.
The Liberals are the last federal party to cling to the old system of sending delegates to choose their leaders. The fee at attend next week's leadership convention in Montreal is $995 but with travel, hotels and meals, the tab for many delegates will easily be closer to $3,000.

First of all, I would like to point out their strategy to attract women delegates: ladies get in free. Very club-like, no?
But, more disturbing to me is this:
Stronach, who briefly toyed with running for the leadership herself, has been championing the move to a one member-one vote process.
"One member-one vote, with the support of technology, would be a much more democratic process, would be much more accessible to people," she said.
Among other things at the convention, delegates will be asked to vote on a proposal to adopt a one member-one vote selection process for future leadership contests.

I beg your pardon?
When selecting a Liberal Party leader, they don't have a one member, one vote process? Then what do they have? I would honestly like to know, so if anyone has that information, please tell me. Who gets more votes and who gets less? It is unthinkable that any party would have anything other than a one member one vote method of selecting their leader. To the best of my knowledge, this is what the Conservatives have. In fact, I thought all parties had this. Clearly, I was wrong.

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Christian Conservative said...

They use their much touted "Delegate" system, which was why there was the hub-ub the other weekend for their "Super Weekend".

Each riding selects 10 delegates, and those delegates are the only ones who vote at the convention.

Each student association also gets 10 reps... which is fraud waiting to happen, if you ask me.

And there are a bunch of "ex-offical" people who get to vote, such as former MP's, Liberal execs, Senators, etc. (about 800 of them, including people like Warren Kinsella... go figure)

Messy system, with plenty of opportunities for manipulation, etc.

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