Income Splitting

Sara brings us some good news:

OTTAWA—The Conservative government is looking at a radical restructuring of the tax system that would allow couples to reduce what they pay by averaging out their income, says a government source.
But introducing income splitting — something Finance Minister Jim Flaherty could touch on as early as Thursday when he delivers his annual economic update — is likely to set off sharp criticism from groups that consider it unfair to single Canadians and a disincentive to women working outside the home.
Critics say income splitting — transferring income to the lower-earning partner for tax purposes — would alter the fundamental nature of the tax system, making the family a basic unit and the system less progressive...

Woohoo!!I'd like to draw your attentions to Mr. Whittington's bias against tax splitting. Clearly, this is a man that does not view the family as the basic unit of society. Anything which gives the family an advantage, or even a level playing field is not "progressive."
Mr. Whittington, do you have a family?
Anyway, I will be keeping my eyes and ears open. I will be thrilled if the government really does introduce income splitting. That will help so much.

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vicki said...

This is great...especially for the parents who would choose to have one parent stay home with the kids, but haven't been able to afford it The fems like that word 'choose' don't they... unless it is used in the context of pro family.

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