Can Men be Trusted?

(ht: Jarrett Plonka)

CTV has the most outrageous poll. They ask "Can men be trusted to take a contraceptive pill?" So far, 68% of respondents say no and only 32% say yes.
What can I say, except that I am shocked? Imagine if CTV had a poll that said "Can women be trusted to perform act X?" what wailings of torment would follow then! It would not be tolerated. And yet, somehow, to ask a question like this of male behaviour is ok.
Go figure!


Shane said...

I guess the reasoning goes, a woman takes a contraceptive pill because she has real consequences for not doing so. A man taking a contraceptive pill doesn't. Nothing physically will happen to him should his partner get pregnant. Not like the old days when the father of said woman would shoot him dead if she did get pregnant.

Ah, the halcyon days of yore. But you know my passion for the good old days...

Surecure said...

That's one way of reasoning Shane. However, the other reasoning is the idea that some women will go off the pill secretly in order to get pregnant and get the man they want to stay.

6 of one, half dozen of the other.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone else caught on to this poll... I saw this and I was floored. agree that men can't be trusted, but its not a man/woman issue - women can't be trusted either. I wouldn't trust a woman just because they say they are on the pill, I know of too many who have lied about it. But to aim this kind of thing towards men - thats just ridiculous.

Nice catch!

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