The Great White (Feminist) Hope

(ht: Small Dead Animals)

D. Coulter writes to YorkRegion.com:
Newmarket-Aurora MP Belinda Stronach has been trying to win quick political points recently by criticizing the Conservatives for not having enough women in the cabinet. Its cabinet is about 25 per cent female.
To see if Ms Stronach puts her money where her mouth is, I reviewed the family company, Magna, of which she is a former CEO. I checked its annual report to see how many women are on the board of directors and how many women occupy senior executive positions.
As of the most recent Magna annual report, of 12 board members, there are no women. And of 25 senior executives, there zero women.
Once again, the hypocrisy of Ms Stronach is laughable.

I really have nothing to add to this fine piece of workmanship. Every MP sitting in the House, every Liberal, every Stronach supporter, every Canadian woman, should be given a copy of this letter.
So much for the champion of women's rights.


Sara said...

I sent this letter to all MP's and Senate....

Shane said...

Unfortunately, it could also be said in her defence, that maybe she had more women on the board when she was there, but they had since been let go...

I doubt it but there it is.

It could also be said that perhaps she has had a change of heart since joining the ranks of the public service.

I once again doubt it though. It would be interesting to try and trap her with this though.

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