Go Bev!

Conservative MP Bev Oda gets tough on feminazis, and the ladies don't like it.
Oda was unapologetic throughout a verbal pummelling by Liberal, NDP and Bloc MPs who accused the government of attempting to ''muzzle'' women and ''gut'' the agency by writing a new mandate that says it will no longer fund groups doing research, lobbying or advocacy on behalf of women's equality rights...
Oda, who argued past Liberal governments had not done enough for women, gave the demand short shrift. "I will not step aside because, I believe, that I have been effective and in eight short months this government together, as a government, has done more in real action to help women in Canada that the previous government..."
At the hearing, Oda argued research and advocacy had not led to significant improvements in the lives of women and that it was time to shift the money toward meeting women's needs in their communities by financing everything from mentorship to retraining programs...
Under the new rules, however, some of the recipients will likely change. Indeed, spokeswomen for the National Association of Women and the Law and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada said they expect their funding to dry up.
For the first time, the agency will allow funds to flow to for-profit, as well as faith-based groups.

I for one approve of the work Oda is doing. I have no patience for these whiny women crying "help me" all the time. Hey, you want to run with men? Then grow some balls, suck it up, get out in the real world and start working hard instead of begging for a handout. You want to prove how tough you are? Then grow some thicker skin. Stop waiting for everyone to cow tow to you because you are a woman.
And by the way, if the last government and the current Opposition was so keen on helping women, then why were they so into the idea of regulating prostitution... arguably the least favourable, most sexist line of work there is?


jeff said...

this may please the small portion of women that support the lunacy preached by "real women" but rest assured that the overwhelming % of canadian women will make harper pay next election. he polls very poorly with women and as you realize, over half of the voting population is female.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: most women are not feminists. They may not be majority so-cons, but they are certainly not majority feminist.

The Status of Women will have zero impact on the votes of Canadian women.

Alberta Girl said...

Jeff - shows how little you actually know about women - I have received 0 help from those feme-nazi, trough feeding advocates, lobbyists and activists other than to make sure that my husband is passed over for jobs he is qualified for because of demands by these lobbyists that less qualified women be hired to fufill some "quota".

So Jeffy, the grownups are in charge of now and there will be no more spoiling the children. Get used to it.

wilson61 said...

The 'new' Status of Women will be supporting Aboriginal women in getting property rights.
Years and years of LibDippers ranting about Native issues, and it takes the Conservatives (yah know, the evil right wingers that are going to take away a womens rights) to give Native women hope.

You rock Bev !!!

The 'new' Conservative Government of Canada has exceeded my expectations.

Sara said...

I've linked you on my blog, anyone I'm missing?

Ruth said...

Ah Jeff.
I'd tell you how stupid your comment is and how little you know, but everyone seems to have beaten me to the punch.

x2para s/sgt said...

so let me get this straight, if you don't get money from the federal gov't that means you're being muzzled? That must be fiberal newspeak. By that reasoning maybee the Earth really is banana shaped and sheeps bladders can prevent earthquakes

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