The Firing of Garth Turner

It's old news now. MP Garth Turner was dismissed from caucus.
I have written about Turner's behaviour and his high opinion of himself before. Judging from his blog, this opinion has not changed.
Turner now appears to be considering the Green Party. Really, this doesn't come as a surprise. He has to maintain the appearance of being more than just a whining malcontent. Crossing the floor to the Liberals would make him look like Stronach (who was rather vocal in her support of him, by the way). He'd never make it in the NDP, the Bloc won't take him because he's not from Quebec. That leaves the Green Party as his only viable alternative. He could sit as an independent of course (and would if he really had any significant moral fibre) but media glamour does not follow the lone wolf, and Turner is a flagrant self-promoter.
The media spin has been one of "Oh poor Garth. He was only exercising his freedom of speech." On the face of it, I can see how someone might fall for that line. But, anyone who thinks Garth is having his rights trampled on needs to consider the nature of adulthood, politics and the corporate body more carefully. I said it before and I'll say it again: no matter how strong your opinions are on a subject, sometimes it is wiser to say nothing outloud. Please note, I am saying this with a little bit of guilt; I open my mouth at the wrong time, or say something stupid, rather frequently. As far as venting on your blog about your job goes, this also lacks wisdom. If your boss sees you complaining online, he or she is perfectly within their rights to fire you. If you are caught defaming the corporate image, why would you expect to remain on staff? People are fired all the time for not contributing to a positive work environment, or for being a disruptive influence.
Why should Turner expect to be treated any differently in this regard just because his job is in politics? This shows a lack of humility, not to mention good people skills.
If he really wanted to represent his constituents properly, then Turner should have found a better way to contribute. Continual griping, complaining and backstabbing does not get you ahead. It makes people hate you and not want to work with you.
And for goodness sake, don't vent about your job on your blog... especially if everyone knows you have a blog and can read what you say about them.


Shane said...

From what I have been seeing in the media, they have been making this all about Harper banishing anyone who disagrees with him, and have downplayed or not even mentioned the fact that this guy had a pattern of leaking priveleged caucus information.

It is even interesting that this same Garth, in his blog has stated that he believes that any MP who leaves his party and wants to join another party should do the honourable thing and take it to a byelection. We shall see if he upholds his own standards.

Small Town Shyster said...

The real story here isn't whether or not Turner brought this upon himself (he did) or whether or not this is an act of silencing critics (it isn't)...it is about the extent to which Harper has lost control of the party...groups of MPs throwing members out of cacus without so much as informing the PM/leader of the party...something like that cannot stand...if someone else wants to run the show they can recreate the DRC

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