Scott Brison: The "Generous"

Scott Brison's "plan" for young Canadians includes a tax cut. He is promising to make the first $25,000 earned in 12 years tax free.
Read that again.
$25,000 in 12 years.
So, basically, the average young Canadian will get out of their first year of taxes.
I laughed out loud when I read the "twelve years" qualification. Why even say it? It doesn't take Joe Average Canadian 12 years to earn $25,000. It takes one... sometimes it takes even less than one.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he means the first 25k spread out over 12 years. Another words for the first 12 years of their work they can claim and extra $2083.33 tax free instead of just the $8900 (or there abouts) current tax threshold. Basically like being a student again and it's not going to leave a 25k chunk in people's accounts.

The Husband

Ruth said...

His website just says $25,000 in earnings. it leaves out the "12 years" altogether.

Temujin said...

I know plenty of older folks who earn 17 to 20 thousand dollars a year working at Fast Food, Tim Hortons, etc.

I guess they aren't worthy of any tax breaks at all!

Joan Tintor said...

He borrowed this idea from PC-CA merger-enthusiast Tony Clement.


Ruth said...

Yeah, except that Clement's idea was for 10 times as much. Over twelve years, that makes a lot more sense.

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