Playing the Race Card

"Don't hate me because I'm Italian," says Gagliano.
Continuing to fight his life-time ban from the Liberal Party, Alfonso Gagliano said Toronto MP Joe Volpe should stay in the party's leadership race since he is the victim of the same kind of anti-Italian sentiment that brought down the former public works minister...
"History repeats itself. Whenever an Italian-Canadian tries to go up and succeed in politics, somebody tries to do something to bring him down," said Gagliano, comparing Volpe's troubles to his own as outlined in his recently-released book. "When I got to the top, that's when my troubles began."

It kills me. Anti-mob and anti-corruption are, in this warped man's mind, equivalent to anti-Italian sentiment. Great. I am sure Italians everywhere are thankful for that clarification Gagliano.
"Media reports on the weekend said that at least nine party members in Montreal were signed up by the Volpe camp without their knowledge or without paying the $10 fee and even, in two cases, the signed-up new members are dead. Earlier in the campaign, Volpe refunded money raised from donations from teenagers in wealthy families in what appeared to be an effort to skirt the $5,400 donation limit. Party rules require that all members personally sign and pay for their membership in the party."
Signing up dead guys? That's really sad. What is this? If you can't get enough living support, try the departed?
I am sure that support from a mobster will help clear Volpe's tarnished reputation. Gagliano's support ought to make him look loads better. He is furiously denying any wrongdoing of course.
Dead guys?
What dead guys?
We followed up.
Campaign spokesperson Corey Hobbs said that while field workers may have contacted members by phone asking them to support Volpe, they followed up with door-to-door visits where members signed and paid for their cards...
One can only imagine how those two visits went.
"Mr. Caretaker, we just need to take a look at plots 627 and 628. Their Liberal Party memberships have been approved."

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