Irony: Palestinians vs. Hamas

Ha ha ha.
Take that, suckers! This is what you get with a democracy: ingrates who need to do basic things like eat... which is hard to do when you don't have money to pay for food.
Palestinian security officers went on a rampage in Gaza City Tuesday to demand back pay from the cash-strapped Hamas-led government, while Israel pressed ahead with its offensive against Hamas militants, killing four.
Several thousand Palestinian security officers fired rifles in the air and assaulted the parliament building, the first time armed forces have joined the workers' protests over back pay...
"We aren't against the government, even if we disagree with it. But for seven months we've suffered without salaries," said Nidal Khader, a security officer who helped organize the protest.

Ah! Hamas is getting it's first taste of what a democracy is really all about. If you don't make sure your people are fat and happy, it doesn't matter how much anti-Israeli rhetoric you spout. The bottom line will always be that the masses do not care about fancy shmancy ideologies.
They want food.
The Palestinian government has been in a financial crisis since Hamas took over in March after winning parliamentary elections. Hamas, which calls for the destruction of Israel, has refused international pressure to renounce violence and recognize the Jewish state. In response, western donors cut off aid.
Without the foreign funds, the government has been unable to pay salaries to its 165,000 workers for months, giving them small, sporadic stipends instead. Seeking a way out of the crisis, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been calling for Hamas to soften its positions and form a national unity government.

Apparently although crime pays, terrorism doesn't.
Fatah is loving it, of course.
Fatah, which controls many of the unions and dominates the powerful security forces, has openly supported the strikes, drawing accusations from Hamas that the stoppage is politically motivated.
Of course it is! What? Did you think that in a democracy everyone just gets alone and works for the good of the people? That the Opposition party supports the government in power? Hello! That's why we call it the Opposition.
Several men threw rocks at the Palestinian parliament building...
Ah yes. The rock. The official Palestinian weapon.
I have to be honest; I am having a hard time feeling sorry for Hamas. They should have been more prepared. Clearly, Ali-Average-Palestinian has been getting tips from their close friend and ally CUPE.

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