Happy Birthday To You

Today is my daughter's first birthday.
It's amazing how much she has grown.
But, honestly folks... what kind of mom schedules a vaccination on her kids birthday? I definitely did not think that one through.


Anonymous said...

Some mother your are. Now we know why the Liberals wouldn't trust you to not spend the money on beer and popcorn. You are just not responsible ;-)

Ruth said...

Hopefully a present will make up for it ;-)

Sara said...

awww, its ok just learn from your mistakes :)

I had my 3rd daughter on mothers day, it was scheduled I was 9 days over due... oh boy I fought it but it was the only day the dr. was at the hospital so I had to take it. I was a wonderful gift for mommy's day but damn it was hard to open. That was the one I had natural no DRUGS lol...

Happy Birthday little one!

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