Dear Ms. Jean

Please, don't listen to people like Henri Brun. You did the right thing in supporting our troops in Afghanistan.
From the Canadian Press, reprinted at Canada.com:
MONTREAL (CP) - Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean was wrong to speak out in favour of Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan, says a constitutional expert.
Henri Brun, a professor in constitutional law at the University of Laval, called Jean's statements about the Afghan mission "incorrect" and out of line with Canada's political tradition.
In a recent interview with The Canadian Press, Jean defended Canada's role in Afghanistan as necessary to remove the Taliban and rebuild the war-torn country.
But Brun said it is "difficult to reconcile the political incursion with her functions" as the Queen's representative.
"It is disappointing that Ms. Jean, after only a year in her position, doesn't have a better knowledge of her functions," he said.
Brun added that within the Constitution, the monarchy is not accorded any political powers.
He also said that public opinion in Canada wouldn't be affected much by Jean's statements.

You know what's disappointing Mr. Brun? That you foist your opinions as to what the GG should be doing on the rest of us. That she has no political power has no bearing whatsoever as to whether or not she can make statements of support for our troops.
What is even more disappointing is that the press even covered this "story." You should have been ignored for the bag of hot air you are!

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Peter Thurley said...

"ou should have been ignored for the bag of hot air you are!"

Nothing like a good ad hominem argument to start off a lazy monday.

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