What the CBC Does

Check out this enlightening clip hosted at Stephen Taylor's blog.

My initial reaction was one of shock and concern. The average Canadian watched this clip on the CBC and could not possibly have known that what the Prime Minister said was taken completely out of context... so much so that his actual opinion is almost the total opposite of what the reporter projected. Christina Lawand has a particular view of the Prime Minister and engineered her story to fit that view.
Never mind that her view is not remotely connected to the truth.
My second reaction was that this story was typical of the CBC. So much for "honest journalism" and "unbiased reporting."


Anonymous said...

This is OT, but there's a huge firestorm brewing over Adnan Hajj, ex-freelance photog for Reuters. The (sometimes blatantly) obvious propaganda this guy has been churning out with staged or doctored photos is staggering, plus the fact that his photos passed editorial review. You may be interested in diving deep into the controversy and examining the photos from many different stories he wrote for yourself if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me.

-- Herman

jeff said...

taylor has convinced you with his own editing that harper's comments were manipulated thereby portraying him as a cold prick. from my perspective, after watching taylor's version of events, the message is the same. harper supports the israeli invasion of lebanon regardless of what minority groups say about the conflict. many are calling this a clear example of harper's moral clarity. meanwhile, many others are calling it sipmlemindedness.

Ruth said...

Jeff, the Prime Minister's comments WERE manipulated.

Herman, do you mean thisAdnan Hajj? Yeah, I heard about his doctoring photographs from the war. Anton also showed me a few things too. You are right, I should write on some of this stuff

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the Adnan Hajj you're looking for. Wikipedia has some good links to get you started on delving deeper into the controversy. In particular, visit the Little Green Footballs blog to see several posts following this, as well as "Milking it?", "A Bridge Too Weird", and "Another Fake Reuters Photo from Lebanon", all in the References.

It's so stupid that I hereby dub it "stoopid".

-- Herman

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