The UN vs. Israel

According to an article at Canada.com, the UN is considering holding a "special" session to condemn Israel for its military offensive in Lebanon. This is in stark contrast to the total lack of scrutiny placed on Lebanon for its incompetence in dealing with Lebanon.
The UN's intensified scrutiny of Israel adds to questions already raised about the country's record in the war by UN Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour, a former Canadian Supreme Court justice, and the monitoring group Human Rights Watch.
But for other observers, the collective focus contrasts sharply with a relatively muted level of condemnation for Hezbollah, whose daily rocket attacks fired indiscriminantly into northern Israel follow the group's July 12 raid on Israel that sparked the fighting.

Pretty much. Why is the UN placing all the blame on Israel?
...some of the outrage is in reaction to initial death-toll estimates later found to be inflated.
Annan himself confirms

Well, if Annan says its true, then it must be, right>
the number killed at Qana is now believed to be 28, half of them children. While still tragically high, that count is far lower than the estimate of "at least 54" he cited before the UN Security Council last week.
The revision reflects Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's admission Monday that the number of Lebanese civilians killed in an Israeli strike at Houla the same day had not been "more than 40," as he said when he called the deaths a "massacre" in an emotional address before Arab foreign ministers in Beirut. The revised figure is one.

That's right folks.
The UN created the 47-member Human Rights Council this year because the former 53-member Human Rights Commission had become virtually controlled by countries with poor human rights records that wanted to short-circuit criticism of their records.
Muslim countries and their backers also used their voting majority to disproportionately single out Israel for condemnation leading the council's architects to say the new body should refrain from staging sessions devoted to attacking one country.

So, the UN doesn't want a bunch of anti-Semitic Muslim governments ganging up on Israel, using the UN to inappropriately further their own political interests... which by the way, include to total annihilation of Israel.
And yet...
Yet the council's only "country-specific" session so far last month saw member states vote 29-11 to deplore Israel's military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
See what I mean?
It's enough to make one suspect an anti-Israel conspiracy within the UN.
Canada opposed the July condemnation of Israel...
Thank goodness.
Can I tell you how happy I am that Harper is PM and not Martin?

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