Terror Suspect Denied Bail

As well he should be, says I.
Of course, the Canadian Press doesn't seem to think so, or at least wants a reason. Their complaint?
The reasons for her decision are covered by a sweeping publication ban on evidence at all of the bail hearings for the 17 suspects.
Uh, yeah guys. I hate to break it to you but they ARE suspected terrororists. Quite frankly, I am happy that the judge denied bail.


Dave said...

This is tragic. The dog days of summer, the silly season, and a mere judge denies the CP column yards of fascinating reportage. Oh the humanity ....

Junaid said...

I'm frankly quite confused. Do you think that the CP's mere mentioning of there being a publication ban, and therefore the reasons for the denial being unavailable, constitutes their wanting the suspect granted bail, or their asking for reasons? It seems like run-of-the-mill journalism to me.

Ruth said...

By highlighting ONLY the family's disappointment in the lack of bail, the story is slanted and presented with an inherent bias.

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