Relentless, Obsession

Last night my husband and I watched Relentless and Obsession, two films put out by Honest Reporting. Relentless is about the "peace process" between Israel and the PLO and specifically looks at Oslo. Obsession is about radical Islam and terrorism.
Both films are well done. I would caution any potential viewers that some of the content, especially of Obsession, is quite graphic. However, I do think the films are important and should be watched by anyone seeking a deeper understanding of what is happening in the Middle East. The West has fallen prey to the politically correct thinking of "They must hate us because of something we did." These movies, Obsession in particular, debunk that myth and highlight the fact that the Western way of life is despised out of a perverted sense of duty.
As an aside, one can't help but notice the number of times the Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah appears in Obsession. For those who mistakenly believe that Hezbollah can be dealt with in an "even-handed" manner, I would encourage you to pay close attention to what he has to say. This is not a man who wants to negotiate with Israel on any level.
I was extremely concerned by the intense level of radical indoctrination that Arab and Palestinian school children are receiving. Both movies point out that very young children are being taught that Jews and Americans are to be reviled, and that a martyrs death is to be desired above all else. Ancient, anti-semitic myths (such as "Jews drink blood") and stereotypes are propagated by the state via state run television. Children's shows feature "poetry" about being a suicide bomber, a warrior for Allah, the death of the infidel and the destruction of the "Zionist presence." In schools, maps of the Middle East exclude Israel altogether. Teach Kids Peace is a website that also examines this problem, particularly among Palestinian children. The site has an extremely disturbing slide show of children dressed as soldiers and martyrs.
In the movie Obsession, a man by the name of Alfons Heck is interviewed. Now deceased, he was once a member of the Hitler Youth. He compares what is being dome to Arab and Palestinian children with his experiences in the Hitler Youth. To be honest, such comparisons do not surprise me. Many are ignorant of the link between Nazi Germany and radical Islam, a link forged when the Mufti went to visit Hitler in the 1930's. Indeed, most of the anti-Zionist propaganda used by Arab media borrows heavily from Nazi propaganda.
I do not understand how anyone could strap a bomb to their child and send them off to die. No one seems concerned that the imams advocating this behaviour are not going out and blowing themselves up. They aren't exactly leading by example. From the safety of their mansions they feed the poor to their extremist ideology and bathe in the blood of their own peoples. The West is blamed for all social ills, lack of education and poverty but no one looks at their leaders to recognise that they are the problem.
What is more distrubing is the notion that radical beliefs are held by only a minority of the populace. I am not so sure this is true. As Palestinian Journalist Khaled Abu Toameh said in the movie, there is a silent majority, but are they silent out of fear or sympathy? When I see the masses dragging the charred corpses of Americans through the street, when I see two Israeli soldiers beaten to death by a Palestinian mob, when I see Palestinians joyously dancing in the streets when the two towers fell, there is a part of me that doubts these beliefs are held by only a minority. It may be only a minority that acts on them, but surely they are supported by a significant number of individuals.
What will happen in the years to come? With 72% of Palestinian children identifying "suicide bomber" as their life's goal, I doubt very much that things will magically improve in the Middle East. Indeed, not only do I expect things to get worse, but I expect things to hit us here in Canada at some point. We will not be left to live in a little bubble.

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Kateland, aka TZH said...

I watched Obsession as well. I think it was Daniel Pipes' comment that only 10-15% of Muslims were radical jihadists with another 10% as silent collaborators/enablers that had the most profound effect on my thinking. So by conservative estimates that makes 20% out of an estimated 1 billion muslims are a danger to secular societies but 10-20% out of a billion is a huge number - and they seem very committed to our death or subjugation. How many of us are really committed to ensuring our freedoms? If one looks at Canada, very few Cdns see radical jihadism as existential threat to our society, and at least half our population would try to appease any danger that might be posed.

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