Pro-Hezbollah Rally

Ever stop and wonder about the country we live in?
I shake my head sometimes.
This Sunday past, July 30, there was a pro-Hezbollah rally in Montreal. The media reported that this rally was "peaceful." What I had no heard until today was that this same rally was full of protestors shouting "Death to Israel," "Death to Jews," "Death to America," and chants against Harper. People were carrying pictures of Hassan Nasrallah and the swastika.
After having heard countless cries of "death to Israel","vive le Hezbollah" and once in Arabic "death to the Jews," I addressed some of the protesters by shouting back "am Yisrael chai" (the people of Israel live) and "shalom aleichem" (peace to all). The incident then turned violent when a fanatic ran up to me suddenly, punching and strangling me quickly as I fell onto a parked car on Ste. Catherine St. As the attacker was restrained and ushered away I then yelled "Are you crazy? This is Canada, so act civilized like everyone else watching you." The unknown assailant was then reintroduced by protest-organizers into the crowd to avoid detection by the numerous members of the media and policemen who had witnessed the assault. Other disgruntled anti-Israel protesters then attempted to enter my place of work where I sought refuge yelling "Jewish pig" and "down, down Israel" as police and bystanders sealed the entrance briefly, preventing the mob from breaking the storefront.
Yes folks, this is what our free speech laws and political correctness brings you. The hate of Hezbollah.


Anonymous said...

Toronto had the same rally and the Police actually provided security for the Pro-Hezbollah jew-bashers , waving flags and singing Jihad songs while females wore the standard suicide bomber headbands these yahoo's inflicted a psychological terrorism on the PC msm and Police .

Chretien insisted there were no terrorist in canada ,and Howard Moscoe said the TTC was safe because they couldn't find Toronto.

Earth to idiots...they ARE here and in Toronto .

J6PK said...

These people are throwbacks to the 7th century who should be deported immediately. They are illiterate ignoramuses who are drenched with hatred. Unfortunately political correctness will be the death of Canada. Can you imagine if there was a KKK rally where they were shouting "death to jews"? Those people would be locked up and sent to prison before they knew what hit them. If you are muslim though you can preach this hatred all you want and the police will protect you. The police do not want to confront these muslim racists for fear of being attacked by our left wing media. I pray that Canadians will wake up before these nazis destroy our country

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