NDP "Policy"

h/t Stephen Taylor

How did the NDP make it this far? Do any of their party members have relatives who fought and/or died in World War II? Have any of them spent significant time in less fortunate areas of the world?
When I read their foreign policy, I highly doubt it.
If you honestly believe that the Bush administration is on the same level as the Nazi regime, then your view of history and politics is so warped that you are not fit for government. If you can actually argue that Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are acting like terrorists then you lack wisdom.
But, if you can honestly call for an end to our alliance with Israel while demanding support for Hamas and the so-called "Right of Return," which would mean the eventual annihilation of Israel, then you are an anti-Semite. If you believe the laws in Israel are anything close to apartheid, you hold a position which is utterly indefensible.
To the NDP: educate yourselves or get out! You have no business grasping at government. You shame the rest of Canada!

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Anonymous said...

Here's what the NDP Policy is ,AND was.

Svend Robinson!!!!!

Equal Justice for all,except if you are caught on a security tape
stealing a $60'000 ring and you're in the NDP , THEN you become the "Victim" reacting from centuries of oppression of "Your People" (Just insert Group name) and get a Judge to cut a deal that no average Taxpayer would ever be given.

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