Gone for a Week

Tomorrow, I am going to the cottage for a week's vacation. I will not be blogging during this time.
Enjoy your week folks.

By the way, for those of you who do not yet know, I am pregnant. We are expecting our second child around the end of March.


Shane said...

Those of us didn't know - congratulations! Now you can get 2 beer and popcorn cheques!

However, I think I have figured out why westerners hate easterners. It is the "cottage" thing. It sounds to snobby and elitist to say, "we're going up tothe cottage for the week". See, out West, we go "camping" or "to the bush" or "to the sticks" or "to the cabin". We don't have cottages. Cottages do not exist west of Thunder Bay.

Anonymous said...

A cottage you say ??

How cheesy.

S.Morgan said...


congratulations :)


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