Liberals Hardball on Softwood

The Liberals have decided to vote against the softwood deal. Their argument centers around the "fact" that only getting $4billion out of the $5billion isn't enough.
I can't help but wonder if they would be acting as tough if the Bloc were not going to support the softwood deal. Clearly they have their own version of what a fair deal is, since Ontario, Quebec and BC (the three big softwood producing provinces) are all strongly in favour of the deal.


NDP "Policy"

h/t Stephen Taylor

How did the NDP make it this far? Do any of their party members have relatives who fought and/or died in World War II? Have any of them spent significant time in less fortunate areas of the world?
When I read their foreign policy, I highly doubt it.
If you honestly believe that the Bush administration is on the same level as the Nazi regime, then your view of history and politics is so warped that you are not fit for government. If you can actually argue that Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are acting like terrorists then you lack wisdom.
But, if you can honestly call for an end to our alliance with Israel while demanding support for Hamas and the so-called "Right of Return," which would mean the eventual annihilation of Israel, then you are an anti-Semite. If you believe the laws in Israel are anything close to apartheid, you hold a position which is utterly indefensible.
To the NDP: educate yourselves or get out! You have no business grasping at government. You shame the rest of Canada!

Israeli Soldiers Still Captives

CTV has a story about Kofi Annan's visit to Lebanon. He visited some of the bombed areas, was booed by Hezbollah supporters and called on Israel to lift its blockades.
In the middle of the story, a single sentence caught my attention.
The secretary-general also called on Hezbollah to free two Israeli soldiers, whose capture on July 12 triggered the Israeli bombardment.
Hold the phone.
So, Hezbollah still has not released the two Israeli soldiers? After all this? Surely this must be a joke! Why is there not more in the news on this? Why is it that the still captive Israeli soldiers do not deserve more than a single sentence in the middle of a story on a UN visit?


Kenney at "Human Rights" Rally

I am not so partisan in my thinking that I can't acknowledge when a Conservative makes a very serious mistake.
According to a story from the Canadian Press, reprinted here at CTV, Conservative MP Jason Kenney has just come under fire for attending a rally hosted by a terrorist organization.
A photograph of Kenney at an April rally, organized by the Committee in Defense of Human Rights in Iran, appears on the website of the National Council of Resistance of Iran... The council is the political wing of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which is one of the names used by the Mujaheedin-e-Khalq. The Mujaheedin-e-Khalq is an armed Iranian rebel group formally designated as a terror group by the governments of Canada, the United States and the European Union.
The Liberals are, of course, licking their chops in delight and throwing about the word "hypocrite." In my opinion, they should be more careful with their choice of wording. There is a big difference between unknowingly attending a rally hosted by terrorists and deliberately calling for a terrorist organization to be removed from our list. One is a sin of ignorance; the other is deliberate.
I should mention that it does not surprise me at all that a terrorist group would hide behind a Human Rights Committee. In fact, it's the sort of thing I have come to expect from people like this. What do people think terrorist organizations do? Come right out and say "Hey! Here we are?"
The smartest thing for the Conservatives to do at this point would be to issue some sort of apology for their ignorance. They should make a statement indicating that they will do better research on the hosts of whatever rallies they attend from now on. To make excuses for what happened would only make matters worse.


Liberals: Going Down in Flames

According to yesterday's news, Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj has resigned over his comments regarding Hezbollah. Interim leader Bill Graham has advised MPs that they'll have to exercise self-discipline.
Hah hah.
Anyway, while the Liberals are scrambling to clean up their image, Prime Minister Harper has decided to make the softwood lumber deal a confidence vote. I see this as an easy win for the Conservatives. It would be political suicide for the Liberals to force an election right now.


Liberal Blogs

This just in:
Exacerbating things for the Liberals were comments by a party youth leader in British Columbia who recently wrote on an Internet blog that Israel was the "most vile nation in human history," and suggested Hezbollah might be considered freedom fighters.
Thomas Hubert has now resigned his post on the youth wing executive.

Does anyone have a quote from the blog or a link to the blog itself?

And these guys wonder why people don't take "progressive" liberal blogs seriously.

Hezbollah and our MP's

According to this morning's news, Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj is furiously denying reports that he thinks Hezbollah should be removed from Canada's terror list. In an article at Canada.com yesterday, Wrzesnewskyj, NDP MP Peggy Nash and Bloc Quebecois MP Maria Moureni indicated that they felt Canada's current treatment of Hezbollah was somehow unfair. Moureni even went so far as to suggest that our support for Israel during the war, which Hezbollah started, was a shame.
What a brave and honourable country we live in.
This is why terrorist groups will never really take us seriously, why they will never respect us. Our would be leaders are so weak-willed. It's no wonder Hezbollah can so easily twist the media... and our sentiments. It's a shame. We don't have the intestinal fortitude of our ancestors.

The Rubicon

The Rubicon, is an independent, volunteer-driven online magazine affiliated with the Salvation Army, is looking for more volunteers. Specifically, they are looking for contributors who are interested in writing about politics. If this interests you, please send an email to talkback@therubicon.org.



If only vacations could last forever!
My husband and I have decided that when we make our millions, we'll be buying a cottage up north, in the wilderness, by a lake. I have decided that when we do so, I will live there as many months of the year as I can.
If I get a chance, I'll put up a few pictures.


Qana: Too Important Not To Blog

h/t Little Green Footballs

At this point, words are useless.

Gone for a Week

Tomorrow, I am going to the cottage for a week's vacation. I will not be blogging during this time.
Enjoy your week folks.

By the way, for those of you who do not yet know, I am pregnant. We are expecting our second child around the end of March.


The UN vs. Israel

According to an article at Canada.com, the UN is considering holding a "special" session to condemn Israel for its military offensive in Lebanon. This is in stark contrast to the total lack of scrutiny placed on Lebanon for its incompetence in dealing with Lebanon.
The UN's intensified scrutiny of Israel adds to questions already raised about the country's record in the war by UN Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour, a former Canadian Supreme Court justice, and the monitoring group Human Rights Watch.
But for other observers, the collective focus contrasts sharply with a relatively muted level of condemnation for Hezbollah, whose daily rocket attacks fired indiscriminantly into northern Israel follow the group's July 12 raid on Israel that sparked the fighting.

Pretty much. Why is the UN placing all the blame on Israel?
...some of the outrage is in reaction to initial death-toll estimates later found to be inflated.
Annan himself confirms

Well, if Annan says its true, then it must be, right>
the number killed at Qana is now believed to be 28, half of them children. While still tragically high, that count is far lower than the estimate of "at least 54" he cited before the UN Security Council last week.
The revision reflects Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's admission Monday that the number of Lebanese civilians killed in an Israeli strike at Houla the same day had not been "more than 40," as he said when he called the deaths a "massacre" in an emotional address before Arab foreign ministers in Beirut. The revised figure is one.

That's right folks.
The UN created the 47-member Human Rights Council this year because the former 53-member Human Rights Commission had become virtually controlled by countries with poor human rights records that wanted to short-circuit criticism of their records.
Muslim countries and their backers also used their voting majority to disproportionately single out Israel for condemnation leading the council's architects to say the new body should refrain from staging sessions devoted to attacking one country.

So, the UN doesn't want a bunch of anti-Semitic Muslim governments ganging up on Israel, using the UN to inappropriately further their own political interests... which by the way, include to total annihilation of Israel.
And yet...
Yet the council's only "country-specific" session so far last month saw member states vote 29-11 to deplore Israel's military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
See what I mean?
It's enough to make one suspect an anti-Israel conspiracy within the UN.
Canada opposed the July condemnation of Israel...
Thank goodness.
Can I tell you how happy I am that Harper is PM and not Martin?

Yet more Staged Photos

This time, the trouble is with the New York Times.
You don't even have to look carefully. The "dead" guy in Image 6 is miraculously helping with the rescue in the other pictures.
It makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens. I can't believe that we are suddenly having an unexplainable rash of crappy photos. It must be that the usual suspects got lazy this time.


Movie Review: V for Vendetta

This weekend past, my husband and I rented "V for Vendetta." The movie is about a Guy Fawkes-like character living in England, in the future, under a totalitarian regime. It was interesting, well-acted, and not over-powered by special effects.
I like a good science-fiction film. A good science-fiction will explore the possibilities of "what would happen if we lived under circumstance X." Good examples are "Minority Report" and "Aeon Flux."
But, I have to be honest. I did not enjoy "V for Vendetta." I did not appreciate the underlying message of the film and I felt that the world examined by this particular brand of science fiction was dishonest. The film was carefully designed to exploit a particular fear, one that is often fuelled by the mainstream media.
That underlying fear is the infamous hidden agenda of any "Conservative" party.
The basic premise of the movie is that religious, right-wing, Conservative party members take over England. The Prime Minister becomes supreme Chancellor and inflicts his view of the world on everyone. All Muslims, homosexuals, dissidents and anyone with any "liberal" leanings are imprisoned and/or killed. The country's motto is "Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith" and the party symbol is a big, red, Orthodox-style cross. This supposedly "Christian" government at one time performed experiments on its own citizens, seized power through questionable means, fabricates stories, controls the media and does everything else one expects religious, right-wing extremists to do. I would also like to point out that the government appears to be Catholic in nature, since it keeps Catholic priests on its payroll. This may seem like an odd thing to point out, but if you know who Guy Fawkes actually was, then the connection is obvious.
Along comes the "heroic" Guy Fawkes to break the power of this corrupt government and restore freedom to England. He does this by assassinating various members of the government and by blowing up government building. His actions culminate in the destruction of Parliament.
But who was Guy Fawkes really? He was Roman Catholic, born in York, England, famous for his plot to blow up Parliament. He was not remotely interested in restoring "freedom" to England. He was interested in re-establishing a Catholic presence on the throne of England. Curious how the movie omits this central aspect of Fawkes' character. There is good reason for this of course. Once you establish Fawkes as a religiously motivated extremist, you lose the ability to demonize religion in government, the point of the movie.
I really hated the fact that an entire movie was devoted to the warped notion of the "Conservative" hidden agenda. Apparently, there is an entire comic book series devoted to V. It is no wonder that people have an irrational fear of right-wing conservatives. How could you not, when that fear is so openly fuelled by the mainstream media and the entertainment industry?
All in all, I am glad I didn't bother to see this movie in the theatre. I would have left feeling ripped off.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2?
Now that was a good movie.

Edit @ 2:12pm: Sorry. I added "is" to the title by mistake.

Freelance Photographers

It would appear that Adnan Hajj isn't the only problem out there. The "work" of Issam Kobeisy is also in doubt.


What the CBC Does

Check out this enlightening clip hosted at Stephen Taylor's blog.

My initial reaction was one of shock and concern. The average Canadian watched this clip on the CBC and could not possibly have known that what the Prime Minister said was taken completely out of context... so much so that his actual opinion is almost the total opposite of what the reporter projected. Christina Lawand has a particular view of the Prime Minister and engineered her story to fit that view.
Never mind that her view is not remotely connected to the truth.
My second reaction was that this story was typical of the CBC. So much for "honest journalism" and "unbiased reporting."


Terror Suspect Denied Bail

As well he should be, says I.
Of course, the Canadian Press doesn't seem to think so, or at least wants a reason. Their complaint?
The reasons for her decision are covered by a sweeping publication ban on evidence at all of the bail hearings for the 17 suspects.
Uh, yeah guys. I hate to break it to you but they ARE suspected terrororists. Quite frankly, I am happy that the judge denied bail.

Pro-Hezbollah Rally

Ever stop and wonder about the country we live in?
I shake my head sometimes.
This Sunday past, July 30, there was a pro-Hezbollah rally in Montreal. The media reported that this rally was "peaceful." What I had no heard until today was that this same rally was full of protestors shouting "Death to Israel," "Death to Jews," "Death to America," and chants against Harper. People were carrying pictures of Hassan Nasrallah and the swastika.
After having heard countless cries of "death to Israel","vive le Hezbollah" and once in Arabic "death to the Jews," I addressed some of the protesters by shouting back "am Yisrael chai" (the people of Israel live) and "shalom aleichem" (peace to all). The incident then turned violent when a fanatic ran up to me suddenly, punching and strangling me quickly as I fell onto a parked car on Ste. Catherine St. As the attacker was restrained and ushered away I then yelled "Are you crazy? This is Canada, so act civilized like everyone else watching you." The unknown assailant was then reintroduced by protest-organizers into the crowd to avoid detection by the numerous members of the media and policemen who had witnessed the assault. Other disgruntled anti-Israel protesters then attempted to enter my place of work where I sought refuge yelling "Jewish pig" and "down, down Israel" as police and bystanders sealed the entrance briefly, preventing the mob from breaking the storefront.
Yes folks, this is what our free speech laws and political correctness brings you. The hate of Hezbollah.

Tarek Fatah Resigns

According to Jihad Watch and an article at the Globe & Mail, Tarek Fatah, the outspoken, controversial communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, has resigned, citing concerns for his safety and that of his family.
Mr. Fatah said he will also resign from the MCC's board, severing all official ties with the organization he helped found...

The article mentions that Fatah has been receiving death threats. He has been accused of being anti-Muslim, an apostate and blasphemer by Mohammed Elmasry, the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Islamic law, both apostasy and blasphemy are punishable by death. The accusation came on June 30, after the arrest of the 17 terrorists and after Fatah wrote this article. Interestingly, the article calls on imams to stop peddling politics in mosques and for Muslims to look within the community for their problems, rather than casting blame on outside sources.
One cannot help but ask which of these views are "anti-Muslim."
One thing is certain, however. With Tarek Fatah's resignation, there is no longer any voice for moderate Islam in Canada.


Relentless, Obsession

Last night my husband and I watched Relentless and Obsession, two films put out by Honest Reporting. Relentless is about the "peace process" between Israel and the PLO and specifically looks at Oslo. Obsession is about radical Islam and terrorism.
Both films are well done. I would caution any potential viewers that some of the content, especially of Obsession, is quite graphic. However, I do think the films are important and should be watched by anyone seeking a deeper understanding of what is happening in the Middle East. The West has fallen prey to the politically correct thinking of "They must hate us because of something we did." These movies, Obsession in particular, debunk that myth and highlight the fact that the Western way of life is despised out of a perverted sense of duty.
As an aside, one can't help but notice the number of times the Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah appears in Obsession. For those who mistakenly believe that Hezbollah can be dealt with in an "even-handed" manner, I would encourage you to pay close attention to what he has to say. This is not a man who wants to negotiate with Israel on any level.
I was extremely concerned by the intense level of radical indoctrination that Arab and Palestinian school children are receiving. Both movies point out that very young children are being taught that Jews and Americans are to be reviled, and that a martyrs death is to be desired above all else. Ancient, anti-semitic myths (such as "Jews drink blood") and stereotypes are propagated by the state via state run television. Children's shows feature "poetry" about being a suicide bomber, a warrior for Allah, the death of the infidel and the destruction of the "Zionist presence." In schools, maps of the Middle East exclude Israel altogether. Teach Kids Peace is a website that also examines this problem, particularly among Palestinian children. The site has an extremely disturbing slide show of children dressed as soldiers and martyrs.
In the movie Obsession, a man by the name of Alfons Heck is interviewed. Now deceased, he was once a member of the Hitler Youth. He compares what is being dome to Arab and Palestinian children with his experiences in the Hitler Youth. To be honest, such comparisons do not surprise me. Many are ignorant of the link between Nazi Germany and radical Islam, a link forged when the Mufti went to visit Hitler in the 1930's. Indeed, most of the anti-Zionist propaganda used by Arab media borrows heavily from Nazi propaganda.
I do not understand how anyone could strap a bomb to their child and send them off to die. No one seems concerned that the imams advocating this behaviour are not going out and blowing themselves up. They aren't exactly leading by example. From the safety of their mansions they feed the poor to their extremist ideology and bathe in the blood of their own peoples. The West is blamed for all social ills, lack of education and poverty but no one looks at their leaders to recognise that they are the problem.
What is more distrubing is the notion that radical beliefs are held by only a minority of the populace. I am not so sure this is true. As Palestinian Journalist Khaled Abu Toameh said in the movie, there is a silent majority, but are they silent out of fear or sympathy? When I see the masses dragging the charred corpses of Americans through the street, when I see two Israeli soldiers beaten to death by a Palestinian mob, when I see Palestinians joyously dancing in the streets when the two towers fell, there is a part of me that doubts these beliefs are held by only a minority. It may be only a minority that acts on them, but surely they are supported by a significant number of individuals.
What will happen in the years to come? With 72% of Palestinian children identifying "suicide bomber" as their life's goal, I doubt very much that things will magically improve in the Middle East. Indeed, not only do I expect things to get worse, but I expect things to hit us here in Canada at some point. We will not be left to live in a little bubble.
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