UN Observer Identified

On the news a few moments ago:
The dead Canadian UN observer has been positively identified as Maj. Hess-von Kruedener. I mentioned Kruedener in this post made earlier today. Our sympathies go out to his family.

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Anonymous said...


You mean for 6 days the CBC blamed Israel and report him as a "Cofirmed" KIA , say it isn't so , a Tax-funded Public Media outlet convicting someone of Murder without a body to prove it.

Is this another Kofi scam , where a Hezbollah kidnapping went really wrong when the UN Post was bombed and Kofi reported 4 dead UNIFIL members while Hezbollah had at least one as hostage.
Kofi pulls out all the other UNIFIL witnesses and suddenly the 4th body is found after 6 days of doing nothing as Hezbollah use the Post as a shield.
This explains why the Pro-Hezbollah (84% in a survey) population attacked the UN offices , Hezbollah got screwed by Kofi and they had 6 days to put the murdered Canadian back in the post to be found as a Victim of the Zionists invassion of Lebanon.

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