Israel vs. Hezbollah:
Ottawa Sun Article

There is an excellent article on the situation in Israel in the Ottawa Sun. Below are a few excerpts.
Annan initially claimed Israel had deliberately targeted the UN post. He later softened his accusation.
He better have, since a Hezbollah post was mere meters away from said UN post. The UN post was being used as cover. For anyone who thinks a "peace keeping force" in Lebanon is a good idea, this is yet another example of why it's actually totally useless.
Retired Maj.-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie, Canada's most experienced commander of UN military missions, wonders why the UN didn't withdraw its "peacekeepers" when fighting started. It's a valid concern, since the UN has an abysmal record at negotiating peace.
Pretty much.
Despite agreeing with U.S. President George Bush, who supports Israel against Hezbollah, Harper is right to stand with Israel in this case.
Hezbollah started the war -- not just because it kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, but because it invaded Israeli territory and killed eight other soldiers. How could Israel not respond to that provocation?
Those who argue that Israel overreacted by smothering Lebanon with bombs, rockets and missiles neglect to point out that Hezbollah has a reported 10,000 missiles and rockets from Syria and Iran, and has declared all-out war on Israel.
Unmentioned, too, is Hezbollah's tactic of placing missiles and rockets in civilian zones, so reprisals will inevitably kill civilians.
Israel's military sites are removed from population centres, not placed in downtown Haifa.
MacKenzie and others have pointed out that most of the civilized world, including Canada, has designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization.
Telegdi omits this observation, to which his own party subscribes. What concerns Telegdi and those who think as he does, is that "the situation in Lebanon has degenerated into total war."
Sorry, Andrew, but if you believe that you know little about "total war." From Israel's viewpoint, and response, it is "selective war."
Just as Hezbollah's (and Hamas') declared intention is the liquidation of Israel, so Israel's determination now is the elimination of Hezbollah as a threat to its security and existence.
Arguably, Hezbollah is the most disciplined Arab fighting force. It also sponsors schools, social work, health clinics and is represented in Lebanon's Parliament.
While these are positives for the people, Hezbollah's military wing is not only a threat to Israel but, by its effectiveness, a threat to Lebanon as an independent state.
Telegdi thinks Canada has abandoned some 40,000 Canadians of Lebanese descent who mostly live permanently in Lebanon.
This is unfair, considering the huge effort and cost of evacuating people.
As if to underline his unrealism, Telegdi urges Canada "support an all-out international effort to immediately put an end to this conflict."
How? With blue berets? The sorry truth is that if the Arabs had no weapons there'd be peace, while if Israel had no weapons there'd be no Israel.

I think I would change that last line to "if Hezbollah had no weapons there'd be peace," but the point is still well made.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with Harpers stand on the deaths of the UN peacekeepers, other countries which lost soldiers acted more upset concerning the losses of their men while Harper said that Israel wouldn`t have intentionally attacked a UN base, since they cooperated with the evacuation of Canadian citizens from Lebanon. The UN post is clearly marked so there is no way that this bombing could have been a mere accident. If a Hezbollah post was close to the UN post I'm sure that Israel with its sophisticated military equipment could specifically target that post. On CNN they broadcasted news footage of how Israeli officials find and target Hezbollah posts. They took a satelite image of every corner in Lebanon and created 3-D models of it. We all agree that Hezbollah needs to go, but what is not understood is why civilians in central and northern Lebanon are being attacked and targetted when Hezbollah is located primarily in the south.
This conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is exactly what Syria wants to re-enter Lebanon. They want Hezbollah to fight their war with the Israelis for them, claiming that Israel still occupies Lebanese land when in reality that land was originally occupied by Syria. With Hezbollah in control of that land, Syria can take control of it again.
An end to Iranian and Syrian support of Hezbollah will end the war between Israel and Hezbollah and will allow the disarming of Hezbollah. The liberal government couldn't disarm the Canadian populace of their firearms. Canadians are peaceful citizens. What would Crentian and Martin have done if they were faced with a well oiled military intent on keeping their firearms. When this conflict began the majority of Lebanese citizens were for disarming Hezbollah, now they look to them to once again to drive Israel from their homes. All Israel in the world did was create a new legion of Hezbollah supporters in the middle east.


Anonymous said...

Jane, you've totally bought into the exact kind of propaganda that Hezbollah hoped would happen. The terrorists (Hez/Hamas) purposely use the UN posts (and ambulances) as human shields to shoot from.

The UN base was hit after 6 HOURS of constant shelling, do you think the Isrealis have such bad aim that it would take them six hours to hit this building? It proves the opposite in fact, they were targetting Hezbollah all around the UN post as best they could but some hit the UN post by mistake (and what the hell were these unarmed observers doing there in the middle of a war anyway...NOW they have all been removed..duh!!). What possible gain to Isreal would there be to do this on purpose???

You agree that Hebollah has got to go...how then if not by force?? It is certainly unfortunate that innocent Lebanonese are being killed (although I suspect many of these are not so innocent) but the terrorists again, against the Geneva convention, use civilian areas to shoot their rockets from. Isreal has every right to fire back (in accordance with the Geneva Convention) at where the rockets are coming from - the onus is on Hezbollah to not use their own people as shields!

The Isrealis had to target bridges, airport (where only runways were hit and easily repariable, not the towers), main roads etc because they don't want any more support for Hez coming in (and those are the ways they would come through). They have targeted the south and approx. 20 blocks in Beirut (well known Hez terrirory), the rest of the country is largely unaffected (which is why so many people are choosing to actually stay there instead of being evacuated, they feel safe).

What would you have Isreal do?? Keep their million+ people in bomb shelters for years (no, sorry kids you can't go outside again this month, maybe next month..)? Just sit back and watch themselves be annihilated?

What would you want our government to do if we were continually being attacked and our innocent civilians targeted, look the other way??

It's ludicrous that you should be a terrorist apologist and by making any kind of excuse not to support a fellow democratic country over a bunch of terrorists, that's exactly what you're doing!!


thots said...

We need a world wide protest against using civilians and the innocent as shields. Regardless of who we blame in this terrible war, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, surely all of us could agree that intentially putting innocent people at risk needs to be stopped. Let's get some world wide rallies on this. No more tolerance for organizations that use innocents civilians and children to win their wars. NO MORE INNOCENTS AS HUMAN SHIELDS!!

Matt said...

"surely all of us could agree that intentially putting innocent people at risk needs to be stopped"

Psychopaths are harder to convince than you'd think. Diplomacy ghas been exhausted several times. Diplomacy won't work. The only language terrorists understand is FORCE.

"No more tolerance for organizations that use innocents civilians and children to win their wars."

Only terror organizations practice this, in which case they shouldn't be tolerated for the sole reason that they're a terror organization

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