Hezbollah Created This Crisis

There is an excellent article in the Calgary Sun about the current Middle East Crisis. I have reprinted portions of it below.
As the latest Mideast bloodbath plays itself out, it's important to realize something about Lebanon...
Its sovereignty has been usurped by Iran, Syria and Israel.
This is a nation that cannot control its own territory where it borders on Israel.
Hezbollah -- a homegrown, militant, Islamic movement formed to fight the Israeli invasion of 1982 -- rules there.
From there, Hezbollah has launched more than 1,000 rockets into Israeli territory in the last couple of weeks.
It has been provided with as much as $100 million a year by Iran. Some of that money goes to an extensive social welfare program that has created a host of Hezbollah sympathizers and no doubt paved the way for the election of Hezbollah representatives to the Lebanese parliament.
A lot of it goes to weaponry...
Calgary Sunni Imam Alaa Elsayed, railing against the Harper government's pro-Israel stance last week, told the Sun: "We cannot accept the fact you give one side an F-16 and another side stones in their hands. Mr. Stephen Harper can still redeem himself."
Couple things. One, Canada, hasn't provided anybody with F-16 fighters. If we had F-16 fighters, we'd keep them for ourselves...
And two, the stone-throwers you see on TV are mostly in Gaza, and they're staged photo-ops.
Palestinians aren't armed with stones. They're armed with assault rifles.
You can't swing a dead cat in the territory under Palestinian Authority control without hitting someone toting an AK-47. (Of course, it's probably a really, really bad idea to hit somebody toting an AK-47 with a dead cat.)
Anyway, in Lebanon, a bunch of angry guys with a cool $100 million a year aren't armed with stones.
Hezbollah launched all those rockets and are well enough armed and led that they've inflicted pretty impressive casualties on the highly professional Israeli army, enough that Israel's civilian leadership has turned away from an expansion of the ground war...
But the problem isn't Israel. If Hezbollah hadn't kidnapped Israeli soldiers, if Israelis could go shopping without wondering if everybody wearing an overcoat was hiding a suicide bomb vest, if all their neighbours would just announce Israel has a right to exist and quit musing how much fun it would be to drive the Jews into the sea, maybe Israel's idea of public relations wouldn't begin and end with self-propelled artillery.
This is a crisis and a war of Hezbollah's making.

Pretty much.
I don't have too many thoughts to add to this, except to say that yeah, this isn't Israel's fault. All the uninformed, brainwashed, lefty wingnuts who think Israel is "over-reacting" need to go an live there. They need to sit in a Palestinian school where children are taught that "the Zionist Entity" must be eliminated.
They NEED a reality check.

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