Harper's Plane

Harper is a better Prime Minister than Martin and Chretien combined. He is a better person and a better leader. He's not an elitist; he's a decent, regular guy.
Due to the chaos that has been the evacuation from Lebanon to Cyprus, the Prime Minister decided to change his travel plans. He diverted his plane to Cyprus and will be picking up evacuees and flying them home. Yesterday, he booted much of his staff off the plane in Paris, as well as all the journalists covering his foreign trip, to free spots for the swing through Cyprus.
Judging from the articles, it would appear that some have had the audacity to suggest that this is nothing more than a PR op. Again, I am so happy Harper is Prime Minister and not Martin. Harper merely shrugged off the accusations and pointed out that there was clearly a need for air support in Cyprus. What's wrong with using the Prime Minister's plane?
Does anyone here honestly think Martin or Chretien would have stepped up to the plate like that? I assure you, they would not have. Elitists are more content to talk than act. We voted in a man of action.
Thank goodness. Our country needs it.


Anonymous said...

A Liberal prime minister probably would have let the rescue experts do their job, and not interfere.

Seriously, during times like this sending a Prime Minister into that kind of situation (with a photographer and three press aides) is not a good idea.

Giving up his plane, if it was needed, I can understand and would be noble. Sending the PM cheapens it.

Ruth said...

Are you serious?
The Prime Minister was not "sent." He decided to go. He got rid of most of his staff so there would be room on the plane for more people. The plane WAS needed... or did you miss the fact that there has been trouble trying to get all our people out of there?
Interference? Cheapens?
These are human lives we are talking about. Where is your compassion?

kevvyd said...

Yes, he decided to go. He did not have to. He went with some press people. If he was so concerned with getting Canadians home, he took seats that could have been used by people that needed them.

He could be in the process of chartering aircraft, lots of aircraft to airlift people that need it, but I haven't heard anything about that.

Instead, he is flying in for some CYA photo ops.

I don't know what a Liberal PM would have done - maybe the same thing, maybe what anon said, maybe nothing at all. The fact is that in this situation, there are lots of options for getting people home, but as of now, I haven't heard that we're really doing anything.

Ruth said...

About chartering planes:
Globe and Mail article here
If you aren't going to do some basic reading on the issue, why should I bother listening to such an uninformed opinion? You are the same people that would bitch about the government not acting fast enough to evacuate people. Now b/c the PM is not only acting fast, but is geting his hands dirty, showing Canadians that he cares, you don't like it?

Anonymous said...

"but as of now, I haven't heard that we're really doing anything."

Well then you haven't been doing your research and maybe you should reserve judgement until you do. Canada has chartered 7 ships to get people out. Harper is using his own plane and putting himself at risk to personally get people out, photo op or not, he's still getting 100 people out on that plane, that's a simple fact. Everyone jumped on Harper for doing "nothing", so he does something and you still jump on him. Grow up.

I heard on the "news" that only one of our chartered ships showed up originally on Wednesday. After 15 minutes of spinning this to look like government incompetance the news anchor finally let out 1 sentence as to why the other 6 boats didn't show. The reason was that the boats OWNER would not sail until he got assurances from ISRAEL that he wouldn't be attacked. Clearly not our government's fault.

Sure other countries have "acted quicker". Tell me, how far away is Italy from Lebanon again? Not to mention that it is a war zone. In war zones phone lines get cut, electricity gets interrupted and cell phones get disrupted. Many other countries are attempting to charter the same limited number of boats.

Perhaps if the Liberals didn't minimize our armed forces to the point they have we would have equipment and personnel ready to help.

- Anton

Anonymous said...

Some people only like to get their news from the Liberal propaganda machine (website, brochure, newsletter or whatever). And of course said machine will not inform of the good being done by the conservatives. Why that might get Harper more votes next time and we all know it's about the power and not necessarily about what's good for the people.

By the way, does Harper still eat babies?

- Anton

Anonymous said...

And here's something for all you Laytons and Grahams out there:


There is no point sending a UN force to Lebanon to control things. They been there since 1978! Read their mandate. The only thing accomplished was part 1 - Removal of Israeli troops. Sure the Israelis are back now thanks to the bang up job of parts 2 and 3.

- Anton

Paul MacPhail said...

Nope, he's on a strict kitten diet.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna get ya, I'm gonna eat ya!
Get in my belly!

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ...ribs.

- Anton

Anonymous said...

If it is not a photo-op, then why send out a news release calling it a photo-op: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/media.asp?category=4&id=1253

And why bring a photographer?

And why bring not one, not two, but three press attache's?

And why break every security regulation in the book to get there?

Ruth said...

Because if he didn't allow the press to take pictures, they would still complain. It's a no-win situation. And, someone has to handle the press.
And it's your opinion that "every security regulation in the book" was broken. Assuming that you are correct, which you aren't, it would be because people need to be moved out of Cyprus as quickly as possible.
Also, there is a difference between a news release and posting an itinerary for when the Prime Minister plans to leave.
Face it. You're just mad because Harper has acted faster and in a more positve way than Martin owuld ever be capable of. The Canadian people will see this and recognize the all-around superiority of the Conservatives in handling Foreign Affairs. It's yet another blow to the imcompetent Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

"If it is not a photo-op, then why send out a news release calling it a photo-op: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/media.asp?category=4&id=1253
And why bring a photographer?
And why bring not one, not two, but three press attache's?"

You win it's a photo-op, MUHAHAHAHAHA!, all 100 evacuees will be loaded in the front door for the press and then secretly kicked out the back door when no one is looking! It's part of Harper's hidden agenda. Those Canadian won't actually be leaving Cyprus, we just meant to think they are. Probably has something to do with George W. Bush.

"And why break every security regulation in the book to get there?"

Um, to rescue Canadian citizens from a war zone, like everyone asked him to.

- Anton

Anonymous said...

Your blind over-the-top partisanship allows you to avoid the fact that he could have just sent the plane (if it was needed).

Ruth said...

PS: I'd also like to point, once again, out the difference in attitude between our current PM and small-l and big-L liberal elititst. Recall former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson spent millions of taxpayer dollars flying her friends around in her party jet. Our PM is doing some thing HUMANITARIAN with his.

Ruth said...

PS2: Rescuing evacuees from a dangerous situation is NOT a partisan issue. You show no concern for your fellow man by making such ridiculous comments. You ought to be THANKFUL that someone cares enough to go out of their way to help our fellow citizens!

Anonymous said...

And anonymous's blind over-the-top partisanship allows him/her to avoid that fact that Harper's plane (even with him and a few others on it) is STILL GETTING 100 CANADIANS OUT OF THE AREA!

Hey anonymous which is bigger: 0 or 100?

- Anton

hunter said...

The Prime Minister is not allowed to fly commercial for security reasons, he is the Prime Minister of our country, not Joe Blogger from Manitoba. So, he had to fly in his plane, and instead of just going home, he spent hours waiting for the first rescued Canadians so that he could fly them out.

Gutsy and what a show of leadership that was!!

All I have heard today was people who had been rescued telling us that the boat had no air conditioning and people were getting sea sick!!! What is disgusting is the lack of thanks from the Lebanese. It is our tax dollar that is paying for them, and they complain that people were getting sea sick??? WHAT you expected to get a ocean liner with pool??? Makes me sick

Hannah said...

I'm going to thrown my dime into the pool and agree that it says a lot about the leader of our country that he did what he did.

He's the Prime Minister. He's an important man. There were a thousand reasons why he "shouldn't" have gone or didn't have to go. He went, though. It says a lot about his character.

I think the people who are complaining that he went would be the same people who would have complained if he didn't go. Some people have just decided that they don't like him, so no matter what he does it will be the wrong thing.

He's the leader of the country, and I honestly think that he takes that role very seriously. I doubt very much that his thought process was "Ooh, time to go look pretty." Rather, I think it was "hmm, big plane, lots of people stuck.... I know! Let's take the big plane and go unstick the people!"

It was the right thing to do.

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