CAF Issues "Statement,"
More anti-Israeli Reporting by
"Unbiased" Media

According to an article by the Chronicle Herald, the Canadian Arab Federation is holding Prime Minister Harper responsible for the Canadians killed in Israel's bombing of Lebanon. The statement, plus a few others, can be found at the CAF website. Among other things, they say:
We also hold the Canadian government morally responsible for the death of these 8 Canadians since its unconditional support for Israel has emboldened Israel to escalate its aggression against Lebanon and occupied Palestine.
These acts of aggression amounting to war crimes come on the heel of the war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza... CF views the Canadian government's inaction as encouraging Israel to continue committing war crimes against innocent Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. As such, Canada will be morally responsible for the bombing and invasion of Lebanon and Gaza, and for its complicity in IsraelÂ’s plan to isolate and starve the democratically-elected Palestinian government.
These accusations are outrageous to say the least. "I don't think that warrants a response," Harper shot back Monday. "ItÂ’s a bizarre accusation." I am so happy our Prime Minister has the good sense not to respond to these extremists. The very idea that our government is responsible for the deaths of civilians in a war which we are not waging is preposterous.
Adding to the insanity,, we have this article from the National Post. I seem to recall the Post as a balanced newspaper. Clearly, those days are gone. The article quotes individuals calling Hezbollah their "protector."
Ms. Akhras accused the Canadian media and Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, of twisting the truth about the conflict and the role of Hezbollah, which Canada has listed as a terrorist organization. "Hezbollah is our protector," she said. "I ask Mr. Harper to be on our side and to say the truth about Israel -- to say that Israel entered into my house, that Hezbollah was protecting my house. That is the truth."
The truth about Israel? Like what? That it's not a nation but a Zionist entity? That they used "disproportionate force" to retrieve their kidnapped soldiers? Or wait, are you actually going to sit there and try convince me and every other average Canadian that this situation is Israel's fault? That Hezbollah and Hamas are not terrorist organizations?
To the media: stop reporting these lies. Stopping lending printing this anti-Semitic propaganda. Invest in some history books. Visit the region for yourselves! Learn the facts. Don't accept anything less than the truth. Report honestly! The slant you are putting on this story is unjust both to the Canadians who died in Lebanon and to Israel. You do a disservice to the people of Canada when all you print are lies and propaganda.
Suppose the soldiers who had been kidnapped were Canadian. Would you not be furiously printing articles demanding that the Canadian military (such as it is) respond quickly, decisively and to the fullest measure? Why should we forbid another country the same justice we would demand for ourselves? Hypocrites! Do not forget who it was that made the first strike! Hezbollah had no reason to kidnap those Israeli soldiers. If they were a just organization, desiring to benefit Lebanon, then they should have found a more positive outlet than a criminal kidnapping.
Also, terrorist organizations are not, nor should they be, accorded the same rights as legitimate governments. They are a criminal element! These terrorist should be caught, tried for their crimes and duly punished.
I am tired of the leniency you press give them.


Mark said...

Hear here.

Anonymous said...

This isn't completely related to your post but I also find it interesting how lots of news articles are critical of the Canadian response time to getting its people out of Lebanon. The chartered ships should be there by Wednesday but everyone's bashing Harper because the US and Italy and other have already started evacuating their people.

Hello! You are the same people that whine and complain when Harper wants to increase the military budget and buy cargo planes and other equipment. Tell me genius, how are we supposed to act as quickly as other countries when we don't have any boats in the area? When we hardly have any boats at all? I'm not knocking our Armed forces (all branches), they do the best they can with what they have. What they need is more.

All these critics need to realize they can't have their cake and eat it too.

"Oh we don't need to increase the military budget, we're peacekeepers. We don't need new cargo planes, we can continue renting the Americans (yes that 's what we currently do). " Now that your fellow Canadians are in trouble in a far off land, now you expect quick reaction? Again, with what?
A couple of cargo planes could airlift a tonne of people out of there.

Friggin people. How do you expect our government to react with the same efficiency as the Americans when you don't allow our government to act like Americans and supply their armed forces? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

I just read that not only are the Americans evacuating their people on a cruise ship (although that is irrelevant) they have battleships escorting it for their safety. All our government can do is ask Israel and Hezbollah to please not bomb our ships as they leave.

Let's stop tying our governments hands behind their backs and then asking them to prepare dinner.

- Anton

Joel K. said...

All of our media's "gotcha" journalism on this current issue makes me sick: "...you previously said "measured", do you still stand by that? ...how do you respond to accusations of causing the deaths of 7 Canadians? ...why is it taking so long to evacuate all 50,000 Canadians from half way around the world?"

Apparently, they're following the lead of U.S. journalists' stellar, unbiased coverage of Hurricane Katrina, from whom I've learned that President Bush himself created the hurricane in order to reduce the black populations. Geez!

Why is the media and international community focusing their criticism on Israel? Why is our media attacking the PM, who is rightly standing up for Israel, an important democratic ally?

Recent attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah on Israeli civilians are no different than the attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11/01. Did anyone tell the U.S. to call off their bombing of Taliban strongholds when unfortunate civilian casualties mounted? Did anyone call off U.S. help in WW2 because of disproportianate force?

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned that some of these dual-Citizens might be a Khadr-type family that actually supports Hezbullah and Hamas , and now that Israel is punching back and the area is unsafe, these two faced weasels want Canada to bail them out and hide back in Canada to attack "The Jews" in Montreal like they did with firebombing a Jewish School.

Check out the WHOLE story about Mr.Arar , a pro-Hamas Org. in Canada coached him to avoid helping Canada investigate a Terror-cell in Ottawa , months later Arar fled back to his Middle east roots which was the same area he claimed for Refugee Status to avoid tough Immigration rules.
Arar also took his wife and kids when he fled Canada , but , when he tried to get into the USA at JFK Airport via a flight from Tunisia and travelling alone as a Syrian with a Canadian Passport .
Mr.Arar was questioned and his story didn't make sense , his wife and kids were left behind outside of Tunisia where Arar's flight originated from and Arar claimed the "Airmiles" rules forced him to return alone.
Arar was denied entry to the USA and Tunisia wouldn't take him back , finally the USA got Jordan to take him ,and from there kidnappers drove him to drop-off place and all we know is Arar claimed it was his homeland of Syria and he also "Alleged" torture took place.

The NDP supported Arar and his Wife, and now Bill Siksay of the NDP is working with CAIR-Canada that has links to Hamas/Hexbullah and terrorism fund raising.

Wake-up people , the jew-bashers are living right here in Canada and yesterdays Media farce by Lebanese Muslims in Montreal made it clear they hated Israel and want to turn Canada against the only real Democracy in the Arab/Muslim region.

Tadhg Ó Muiris said...

The National Post's rabid anti-semitism has become too much for me to bear!

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