Anti-Israeli Media and
Harper Bashing

Canadian journalists are sorely in need of a reality check, not to mention a history lesson, when it comes to issues in the Middle East. This morning I did some catching up on Israel versus Lebanon, and here is what I found:
Canadian deaths in Lebanon cast pall over G8 political success for Harper, from the Canadian Press. The story attempts to take a stab at Harper's support for Israel in light of the deaths of Canadians in Lebanon.
Israel pounds Lebanon after 2 soldiers captured, by CTV. This article places all of the blame on Israel for what is happening in the region. I love their definition of Hezbollah: Shiite Muslims, opposed to Israel's occupation of Lebanese territory, created Hezbollah in the 1980s... Hezbollah has become a strong political force, but still has a military branch called the Islamic Resistance, backed by neighbouring Syria. Get it through your skulls people: Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.
Seven Canadians reported dead in Israeli strikes against Lebanon, from Canada.com. I think I was the most disappointed in the coverage provided here. The quote that the seven dead are "all martyrs" is completely unacceptable for a supposedly unbiased press. What makes these people martyrs? In war, death happens. It is ugly, but true.
I, for one, am thankful that Harper is standing up to support Israel. They are a shining beacon of democratic light in a vile, corrupt area. Their neighbours hate them for no other reason than that they exist. Israel has had to fight every day for that one thing that we in Canada take for granted: a peaceful life.
To the media: invest in a few history books.


Anonymous said...

"I, for one, am thankful that Harper is standing up to support Israel."

Even if the cost of such support is the death of our fellow country-men?

How can we, as Conservatives (and Canadians), lay claim to "stand on guard for thee" when we are unwilling to defend, let alone condemn or express regret, for the killing of our fellow citizens abroad?

Where is your patriotism? Your sense of fellowship?

Or does fellowship, in this case, rest exclusively with Israel, and not with Canada...

Sad to see...

Ruth said...

Against my better judgement I am responding to your ad hominem.
The very idea that support for Israel in its fight against terrorism is unpatriotic is laughable. The "cost" of our support is not the death of our countrymen. Your wording implies that seven people were killed because we support Israel in their struggle against Hezbollah, a terrorist organization. Do you somehow assume that if we supported Hezbollah and not Israel that those seven Canadians would still be alive? You are severly twisting the facts. The seven dead were NOT the object of the strike. If they were, then I would condemn Israel's actions and any support in such a circumstance would be unpatriotic. That fellow Canadians were killed in a strike against Lebanon is unfortunate. Unintended casualties happen in war, a sad but true fact.

Anonymous said...

No, Ruth, you misconstrued my statement.

I don't care if you're views are pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. That doesn't matter to me.

What does matter is when you mask your unequivocal support for Israel over and above your concern for your fellow country-men.

Stop this ridiculous apologist defense of Israel for a second and, for God's sake, call a spade a spade: CANADIANS WERE KILLED...the least we can do is be patriots and show some concern.

Most Conservative bloggers have dismissed this important development, and, instead, have rallied to the defense of Israel's excessive use of force...I understand the importance of defeating terror wherever it lay, but to dismiss Canadian deaths as "unfortunate" and "sad but true" is a far cry from our obligation to "stand on guard for thee"...

Or, then again, the Canadians killed were just "Lebanese-Canadians," not worthy of our concern...

Ruth said...

"Stand on guard for thee..."
You are such a hypocrite if you think we should not support a democratric country like Israel defending its right to exist. Hezbollah is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. This isn't a partisan issue. My support has nothing whatsoever to do with my Conservative leanings. Standing on guard for thee does NOT mean you turn tail and run at the first sign of conflict you cowardly know-nothing! It means you stand up like a man (or in my case woman) and FIGHT! We defend democracy! We do not cower before a terrorist group lik Hezbollah or Hamas!
How DARE you insinuate that I am racist! The loss of life was very unfortunate, but it in no way entitles us to withdraw support from the only truly democratic nation in that region.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Ruth has now TWICE mentioned that she feels it's unfortunate that the Canadians died. You are somehow equating her support of Israel as being pro-Canadian deaths.

"What does matter is when you mask your unequivocal support for Israel over and above your concern for your fellow country-men."
Ruth has stated above that this is NOT the case. If Israel was directly targeting Canadians Ruth stated that would not support Israel's actions. You seem to take the approach of "Oh a Canadian died, better remove all support". Yes it's sad Canadians died, I sure Ruth wishes that that didn't happen but that 7 Canadian deaths does not erase decades of injustice heaped on Israel.

People who stand outside in a thunderstorm sometimes get hit by lightning. It's sad and we wish it wouldn't happen, but we still need the rain.


Anonymous said...

"dismiss Canadian deaths as "unfortunate" and "sad but true" is a far cry from our obligation to "stand on guard for thee"..."

Conservative bloggers like Ruth and others are not "dismmissing" the deaths. They are acknowledging them. What more do you want? They've acknowledged the deaths and they expressed their regrets about them. This however does NOT change the bigger picture of the regional conflict. For you it seems it has.

A question for anonymous: How should Canada "stand on guard for thee" for those Canadians on foreign soil? Should we send troops to Lebanon? Should we setup a blockade of the ports in the area? Should we bomb Israel? Tell us what should we have done to prevent these deaths and what can we do to prevent more?

- Anton

Anonymous said...


I posted up a response to that vitriolic post by Ruth, but it seems it was deleted--not surprised.

Perhaps I can have a more civil discussion with you.

To answer your question: the official government response hasn't been adequate enough. The (largely left-wing) media predicted that Harper would have to reconsider his unequivocal support for Israel in light of the Canadian deaths. As a partisan Conservative and a TRUE nationalist, I expected this to be a good idea.

Instead, Harper has come out and simply reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself.

I have been a Conservative for a long time, and it pains me to see this malaise amongst my fellow party members to UNEQUIVOCALLY support Israel, even in the case of Canadians deaths.

I have nothing wrong with support for Israel, per se, but, surely, Canadians in rural Saskatchewan don't give a damn about the plight of the Israelis as much as they do about Canadians.

For once, it seems, the truth has come to light: that, in this case, we are willing to pardon the excessive use of force, and the killing of Canadian CHILDREN in the process, so that we may contribute to the plight of a foreign nation.

This is a stupid response...and it is a crisis for Canadian nationalism. I haven't seen remorse. I haven't seen a truly nationalist response...instead, we've caved in...

The Prime Minister should make it clear that the incidence of Canadians killed abroad is a serious matter...instead, we're pussying around like we usually do.

During the Suez Crisis, Liberals like Pearson thought big...they diffused a similar violent situation IN the Middle East by creating peace-keepers--we know that this won't work...but it seems the most our party can muster in government is an uninspiring defense of the nation that has just admitted responsibility for the deaths of our own civilians.

Electorally speaking, of course, I wonder how the VERY large Lebanese community in Montreal will be voting in the next election...and then we talk about why we lose our urban centers.

Ruth said...

Crisis for Canadian nationalism?
What exactly would you suggest the best response would be? Declare war on Israel because 7 people were inadvertantly killed in a legitimate strike?
"Instead, Harper has come out and simply reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself." And he should do what instead? Tell them not to defend themselves but lie back and take it?

And yeah, I deleted your post. Please examine the comment policy located to the right.
Vitriolic? Bitterly scathing? Caustic? Moi? This is yet another bizarre accusation. You have accused me of not caring about my fellow Canadians, being unpatriotic and insinuated that I am racist. You were hoping for what? Some sort of demure "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll change my ways" in response?

Anonymous said...

But you haven't really answered my question. What should we do? Declare war with Israel for killing our citizens? Israel didn't know they were there. Israel didn't directly or purposefully attack Canadian citizens. Our citizens happened to be there visiting family or for whatever reason. Israel intended no ill will towards Canada and Harper's response indicates to Israel that no ill will was taken. Would you have this regional conflict escalate into a world war by us getting involved via armed combat?

The G-8 have already called for a cesation of hostilities by all parties. They are working on a resolution. I'm sure more goes on behind the scenes then you or I know about. Perhaps Israel's leader has personally apologized to Harper over the phone, we don't know. The Canadian deaths in Israel were an accident. I'm not trying to trivialize it but that's what it was. It was not an act of aggression directed at Canada, I'm sure Canada is responsible for the deaths of other countries civilians. Somalia? WWII? There is a bigger picture and extenuating circumstances which lead to these deaths.

You mention that Lebanon is a democratic nation. OK. Then why don't they exercise their sovereignty and help Israel regain their captured soldiers and put an end to all this? If Lebanon is not responsible for this or for harbouring terrorists then they should have no problem helping clear their good name.

- Anton

Anonymous said...

"You were hoping for what? Some sort of demure "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll change my ways" in response?"

Nope. I was simply hoping you would share the same concern and sympathy that I have for the 7 CANADIANS killed abroad...

Whose interests do you favour--Canada or Israel? If a common theme--let's say security--coincides between the two nations, who would you give your support? The answer to this question should be unwavering and instantaneous: Canada! We favour the interests of Canada--OUR nation--OVER AND ABOVE the interests of some territory thousands of miles away. Why? Because when terrorism hits the streets of Toronto, Ruth, ISRAEL IS NOT GOING TO GIVE A SHI*.

It would be OUR battle, OUR problem. This is why I put it to you, Ruth, that your illusory global network of "WE" is non-existent and fictitious, to say the VERY least.

Canada fights its own battles, and so does Israel.

ALL that I expect of our party in government is to demonstrate the SAME concern for the security of Israel as it would for the security of its citizens abroad.

We need to make it clear to Canadians that their security is paramount--over and above the security of another nation and it's people.

To put it in more concrete terms for Anton: a simple press release outlining these concerns would do.

I am sad to say that we've pussied out once again...

Ruth said...

I was simply hoping you would share the same concern and sympathy that I have for the 7 CANADIANS killed abroad...
Hmm. Clearly you have not been reading the same blog I have been writing in, since I already did say that the loss of life was very unfortunate.
Whose interests do you favour--Canada or Israel
Clearly, I have already indicated that I favour Canada's interests. However, since Israel is dealing with Hezbollah, our interest happen to coincide. Defeating Hezbollah IS in our interests, given that both Hezbollah and Hamas are on our terrorist list.
Because when terrorism hits the streets of Toronto, Ruth, ISRAEL IS NOT GOING TO GIVE A SHI*.
And you would be mistaken, yet again, what a surprise. If it is Islamic fundamentalist based terrorism, then Israel will certainly care, since your hypothetical attack would in such a case come from a common enemy. They may not send troops, but they would certainly wish us good luck in dealing with said hypothetical problem (examples to support me: 9/11 and the bombing of London).
As for your desired press release, what exactly would you have it say? As already mentioned, the seven dead were not the intended targets. They were unintended casualties. What concerns would you like outlined? The government is moving to evacuate Canadians living in Lebanon. Is this not good enough for you?
You are all bark and no bite. You still have not identified a single issue that might in any way justify your stance or the ad hominem I have endured from you. Please familiarize yourself with the ACTUAL and existing political problems of the world, the Middle East in particular.

Anonymous said...

Here are your statements:

1. http://w01.international.gc.ca/minpub/Publication.asp?publication_id=384225&language=E
2. http://www.g8.gc.ca/m_east-en.asp
3. http://w01.international.gc.ca/minpub/Publication.asp?publication_id=384224&Language=E&docnumber=82

Anonymous said...

That last anonymous was me.
Note that these statments are on the official government websites and note the time posted.

- Anton

Anonymous said...

Anton: thank you for the links. It is good to see that one of the more progressive members of our cabinet is responding to this crisis accordingly.

I appreciate that you and I can exchange in constructive dialogue, and point one another towards a more informed understanding of these issues.

To Ruth, who has accused me of ignorance in regards to matters that pertain to the Middle East, I'll have you know that my family, in addition to comprising Canadians, also has Egyptian, Turkish, and Lebanese members. I speak Arabic AND some Hebrew, and I am more attune to the Middle Eastern conflict than you or your ignorant opinions will ever strive to be...

The DIFFERENCE between you and I, Ruth, is that when our Prime Minister--whom we all worked so hard to elect (at least I did)--says, in response to 7 Canadians unintentionally killed by Israel, that their actions are "measured" and "reserved"...then there is indeed a problem.

Our Prime Minister has taken a partisan opinion in this conflict, and has not shied away from accepting Israel's disproportionate use of force, EVEN WHEN THIS FORCE HAS KILLED CANADIANS!

THAT is a problem. And, throughout a number of Conservative blogs, what I am seeing is a lack of concern and sympathy for the lives of these Canadians in particular...and in my humble opinion, there is a hint of "citizenship hierarchy" in each of these entries...that if these Canadians were unintentionally killed by, say, Hizbullah, a much more aggressive condemnation would have resulted...

I don't particularly care about the double standard being imposed on Israel vs. Hamas/Hizbullah...what I DO care about is that our only response to Israel's unintentional killing of Canadians is to continue being "reserved" and "measured."

SELL OUT. Period.

Anonymous said...

Let me reword:

"...what I DO care about is that our only response to Israel's unintentional killing of Canadians is to advise them to continue being "reserved" and "measured" in their conduct."

Ruth said...

I don't particularly care about the double standard being imposed on Israel vs. Hamas/Hizbullah...

And there we have it.
You have just let me know everything I need to about your world view. Hezbollah and Hamas are TERRORIST organizations. Such groups are not accorded the same rights as legitimate governments. As such, there is no such thing as a double standard between the way the two groups are treated. Hatre to break it to you pal, but Israel is a LEGITIMATE government... oh wait! $50 says you don't think Israel is a legitimate nation, but a Zionist, Jews-only state imposed on former Arab-only territory by the evil West. Without Israel, the Middle East would be a much more peaceful place! Look at what a bang up job they're doing in Iran.
Blah blah blah blah!
I have heard it all before.
Given that Israel has nukes and could have blown Lebanon off the map should they have chosen, I would definitely call their response "measured." They have fought war after war after war just to EXIST, something you and other uninformed Canadians take far too lightly.

Buy a history book and learn the facts. You have been brainwashed with nothing but propaganda. Post your anti-Semitic crap elsewhere. This discussion is closed.

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