What Emran Qureshi says

(h/t Mark C. at Damian Penny)

The argument that this has nothing to do with Islam is false. The young Muslim adults who learned to hate our generous and tolerant Canadian society learned it not from pimps or drug dealers, but from Islamic fundamentalists who preyed on them within Canadian mosques...
Some Canadian Muslim leaders have responded by denial, alleging "root causes": Canadian foreign policy in the Middle East, or our troops in Afghanistan. They should, instead, reflect on the poison that is being disseminated, the ruined young lives, and the resultant prejudice engendered toward Muslims within the broader society.
Other Muslims argue that the real issue is Islamophobia and prejudicial attitudes and nothing more. This is a facile and borderline apologetic response.

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Anonymous said...

These extrememist are behind bars for a reason. From what I understand, one of the 'terrorists'
was about to leave to go to the U.S. They had to have been brought
up to believe what they do somehow.
Maybe it was family influence or through prayer mosques. It came from somewhere.

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