Reasons to Get Rid of the Senate

According to Canada.com, the Senate has just released a report on the CBC and what needs fixing. Apparently, the CBC has "lost its way."
Their recommendation?
get rid of Hockey Night in Canada, and stop competing with the private sector...
It is certainly debatable whether or not the CBC is competing with the private sector (effectively or otherwise). But, get rid of Hockey Night in Canada? The end of Don Cherry and Ron Maclean? They are icons! THey are the only true Canadian television worth watching! You could never in a million years sell such an idea to the public! True, my husband would approve of such a plan ;-) but he would be alone in his approval.
The rest of Canada would riot.
Get rid of Hockey Night in Canada?
The mind boggles.
Get rid of the Senate?
Now there's a plan.


Anonymous said...

Down with Hockey Night!
Down with Hockey Night!

- The Husband

Sara said...

I second the Senate idea

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