Beheadings, The CBC and Cosmic Irony

I was about to blog on the piece I just saw on The National on CBC. It was called "The Enemy Within." The attempt of the piece was to discuss integration verses multiculturalism. The reporter examined the cases of Britain and the Netherlands. The report was a biased piece of naive and sympathetic crap.
But, then I read this article at Canada.com. I had already heard of the plan to behead the Prime Minister, but this report elaborated the plan.
"[Steven Chand] is being accused of plotting to storm the Parliament buildings, take hostages (and) make demands to remove Canadian troops from Afghanistan and to free Muslim prisoners... He is supposed to have planned to behead hostages if his demands werenÂ’t met... and to want to behead the Prime Minister. The last thing was that they were going to storm the CBC building downtown (in Toronto) to take over communications to broadcast their message."
That's right.
Storm the CBC building, take over communications and broadcast their message... to us infidels no doubt.
What an ending to the National that would have made.
The article at CTV mentions that Batasar, lawyer for Steven Chand, was upset over the fact that the Prime Minister expressed his happiness over the arrest of a man possibly planning to behead him. As yet, it's still not clear whether the threat was against himself or former Prime Minister Paul Martin. It seems likely that the threat may not have been connected with the man, but with the office.
But, I would like to ask Mr. Batasar a question. How would you like the Prime Minister to respond? Would astatementt of disappointment over the arrest of these individuals be more appropriate? "I regret to announce that an attempt on my life was foiled today. The suspects have been arrested and are now in custody. Better luck next time."
Batasar's statement on politicians trying to instill fear in the public is completely unacceptable. These men have been charged with attempting a terrorist attack. This situation is not the fault of politicians. It is the fault of a group of sick individuals who deserve incarceration, should they be found guilty. I am tired of these apologists for "freedom fighters." They are criminals, terrorists. I really don't care if Chand is perturbed by the allegations.
I'd like to give him something to be perturbed about.
A little repentance would go a long way right now, and I have to be frank; there isn't much to be found.


Anonymous said...

You know why the terrorists do what they do? Because it works. Look at the palestinians. The more they kill the more Israel is condemned for trying to stop them. Same thing here. We're all at fault according to the CBC et al. Funny I don't feel guilty.

kariba said...

I also watched that piece on the National "The Enemy Within" and I also found it to be extremely biased. The reporter's "outrage" at how some other countries are dealing with the pitfalls of multiculturalism made me sick. Obviously he is extremely naive.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same piece on the National. Funny that he didn't interview Muslim extremists. I wonder why that was???? Certainly would have given a different slant to the whole piece.

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