New Computer

Our new machine from Dell came yesterday.
Woohoo! It's lightening fast compared to our old hunk of junk. Ah the glory of 2G RAM and a 19" flat screen!


Reasons to Get Rid of the Senate

According to Canada.com, the Senate has just released a report on the CBC and what needs fixing. Apparently, the CBC has "lost its way."
Their recommendation?
get rid of Hockey Night in Canada, and stop competing with the private sector...
It is certainly debatable whether or not the CBC is competing with the private sector (effectively or otherwise). But, get rid of Hockey Night in Canada? The end of Don Cherry and Ron Maclean? They are icons! THey are the only true Canadian television worth watching! You could never in a million years sell such an idea to the public! True, my husband would approve of such a plan ;-) but he would be alone in his approval.
The rest of Canada would riot.
Get rid of Hockey Night in Canada?
The mind boggles.
Get rid of the Senate?
Now there's a plan.


Childcare "Poll"

CTV has an interesting story on a recent poll conducted regarding what Canadians want in the way of a child care plan. The poll was conducted by Environics on behalf of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada.
Bet you can't guess what the results were.
Yep. That's right.
50 per cent of Canadians prefer the national day-care program proposed by the former government... per cent said they favour the Conservative government's plan...
I am so surprised. Really.
C'mon people. This isn't news. Of course the results show people want the Liberal plan. The poll was done for a childcare advocacy group. What did you think they were going to come out and say? Stay at home moms are the best?
Please note that the questions are not listed. We have no way of knowing exactly what was asked and how the poll results are being interpreted. And, as always, no one called me and asked me what plan I prefer.
Which makes these results crap.
To the propagandists: If you want me to believe in your poll, call me.


What Emran Qureshi says

(h/t Mark C. at Damian Penny)

The argument that this has nothing to do with Islam is false. The young Muslim adults who learned to hate our generous and tolerant Canadian society learned it not from pimps or drug dealers, but from Islamic fundamentalists who preyed on them within Canadian mosques...
Some Canadian Muslim leaders have responded by denial, alleging "root causes": Canadian foreign policy in the Middle East, or our troops in Afghanistan. They should, instead, reflect on the poison that is being disseminated, the ruined young lives, and the resultant prejudice engendered toward Muslims within the broader society.
Other Muslims argue that the real issue is Islamophobia and prejudicial attitudes and nothing more. This is a facile and borderline apologetic response.

Canada's Moral Majority

(h/t: Jesse)

A recent poll took stock of Canada's views on morality. Before I say anything, allow me to note that in our relativistic society it is actually quite surprising to me that such a poll was conducted at all.
The results can be summarized as follows:
Sixty-five per cent of Canadians... [believe] that sex under age 16 is wrong...
[Pedophilia ]was ranked the most unforgiveable behaviour, considered immoral by 81 per cent...
Extra-marital sex was second, condemned by 74 per cent
Prostitution was third on the list, considered immoral by 68 per cent...
Alcohol abuse, pornographic films, and blasphemy were condemned by more than 50 per cent of respondents...
Those were followed by abortion, which 34 per cent felt was immoral, and divorce, at 17 per cent...
31 per cent of respondents considered homosexuality immoral...

Blasphemy made the list? Wow. I am shocked that the pollster even thought to put it in!
Consider the results of the poll. Now weigh the results against our laws. I find it interesting that our system of belief has become so separate from the laws which govern our country. Had the Liberals won the election, prostitution would likely now be completely decriminalized and possibly regulated. Many, MANY years ago, adultery was illegal. Now, we just don't care. Pedophilia gets a bare slap on the wrist.
If our laws are not going to reflect the morality of our citizens, then what is the use of them? Whose morality, or lack thereof, are we reflecting?

At The Sun

It's me!!!



According to reports I read this morning, the 17 terror suspects are claiming that they are being subject to "cruel and unusual" treatment that amounts to "torture."
One of the accused interrupted a brief court appearance Monday by shouting accusations at the justice of the peace hearing the case. "They tortured us, straight up!" Yasin Mohamed, 24, said during an outburst in Brampton court, holding up both arms, which were manacled to two of the other accused. "These wounds speak for themselves." There were no visible marks or bruises on Mohamed's arms or on any of the other 14 suspects who appeared in court.... there was no evidence any of the men had been mistreated and none had filed complaints (emphasis mine)
Their treatment supposedly includes being held in segregation, rough handling by guards, being regularly awakened, not having lights in their cells turned, and one suspect had a finger shoved into one's cheek after laughing while being searched. One lawyer complains that he is not having private, unmonitored access to his client.
I would like to direct everyone to the Criminal Code of Canada. The definition of torture is:
"torture means any act or omission by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person
(a) for a purpose including
(i) obtaining from the person or from a third person information or a statement,
(ii) punishing the person for an act that the person or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, and
(iii) intimidating or coercing the person or a third person, or
(b) for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,
but does not include any act or omission arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

Man-handling does not cause severe pain, nor does leaving on cell lights, nor do any of the other baseless allegations. Not allowing someone to see their lawyer without the presence of a guard is also not torture. Furthermore, there is no physical evidence that these men have been beaten... and please note, your average beating does tend to leave bruises.
As far as mental suffering goes, forgive my skepticism. If these men are blatantly lying about their physical conditions, what makes anyone think they could be telling the truth about their emotional well-being?

Update @ 11:46am: This just in from The Star.
Torture apparently includes "being escorted by three armed tactical members of the security forces." That is complete crap!!
Also, it sounds like some of the Khadr's showed up to the bail hearing, supposedly showing solidarity for their fellow extremists. This makes me even more suspicious.


Answers to My Questions

Yesterday I posted some questions about Islam that I felt needed to be answered. I am not a huge fan of Tarek Fatah, but it would appear that he has unintentionally addressed some of my questions in an article he wrote for the Toronto Star. I liked the article so much that I have reprinted it in its entirety below. (Note that all bold are my emphasis and not that of the author.)

Keep politics out of our mosque.

Muslims cannot sit still while a fascist cult of Islamic supremacy takes over places of worship, says Tarek Fatah

Jun. 7, 2006. 01:00 AM

Three years ago when Kuwaiti Islamist scholar Tareq Al Suwaidian told a Toronto crowd that "Western civilization is rotten from within and nearing collapse ... it (the West) will continue to grow until an outside force hits it and you will be surprised at how quickly it falls," he was lustily cheered by the nearly 2,000 young Muslim men and women.

I was deeply offended by the hostile remark, but the thunderous approving applause of the young audience simply stunned me. All I could do was muster the courage and stage a polite walkout.

That day I resolved to fight this hostility toward the modern nation-state and Western civilization that was engulfing a section of Canadian Muslim youth; one that was being fanned by the leadership of the traditional Muslim organizations and Islamic radicals who took inspiration from the ruling elites of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Last weekend's arrests and the alleged role of young Muslim men in a terror cell may not have been inspired by the fiery rhetoric of the visiting Kuwaiti scholar. But if the RCMP allegations are true, the actions of this group definitely have roots in the cult of hate and death that is glorified by a tiny segment of Muslim clerics.

While the overwhelming majority of Canada's Muslims have been stunned by this development, few can honestly deny that they had seen this coming.

For years, some of us have been incessantly talking and writing about the growth of this extremist phenomenon, this contempt for secular parliamentary democracy and non-stop berating of Muslim youth who become "Canadian" and warnings to them that they will be punished in the hereafter if they do not adhere to the barren version of Islam where joy itself is a sin.

In the last five years, we Muslims have had more than our share of terrorism done in the name of our faith. Whether it is terrorist attacks in India or the hundreds of simultaneous bombings in 300 cities of Bangladesh; whether it is massacres of Muslims by Muslims in Iraq or the genocide of Muslims by Muslims in Darfur, the traditional leadership of the Muslim community responds repeatedly in a similar manner: abject denial.

Every tragedy that has befallen the Muslim world has been labelled as an American or a Zionist conspiracy. The conspiracy stories have gone from the ridiculous to the absurd.

During my recent visit to Karachi to attend the World Social Forum, I was stunned to see banners strung across streets proclaiming boldly that the "Bird flu was a Jewish drama."

First I thought this was some dark Pakistani humour that I had forgotten to appreciate because I had left my birthplace 28 years ago. Upon asking around, I was told this was a widespread view: Israel was to blame for the bird flu because it was against the poultry industry of Indonesia.

What troubled me even more is the fact that the banner proclaiming this latest conspiracy was not displayed in some poor suburb of the city or outside a madrassah, but was hung in the posh, upper-class neighbourhood of Clifton.

I found another such banner draping the entrance to a grocery store, where the owner lectured me about how the tsunami of December 2004 was a result of a joint effort by the U.S. and Israel to drown and destroy Muslim nations.

Back in Canada, the conspiracy stories continue to fester and the latest crisis that confronts all of us has again provided fertile soil for conspiracy theorists.

On a live TVO Studio 2 debate on Monday, Toronto imam Ali Hindy clearly insinuated that the entire RCMP operation was being conducted to justify the continuing war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He referred to the arrests as "show business" and stated the "show must go on."

During the discussion, Hindy claimed he knew eight of the accused. According to his analysis, the suspects may have been involved in military training to fight a jihad overseas. He went on to say that when young Muslim men come to him asking to go overseas to fight, he discourages them and tells them to fight their jihad "here."

Flabbergasted, host Paula Todd asked him, "Why? What do you mean?" Cornered, he took refuge — like so many Muslim clerics who encourage jihad, take when trapped — in philosophy: "By jihad I mean the inner jihad ..."

Monday night's discussion on TVO was also significant because it is only in non-Muslim institutions that Muslims can debate from adversarial positions.

There is not a single mosque in Canada where Muslims with opposing views can debate anything political, social or theological. The doors of debate are shut by the cement of orthodoxy. Only doublespeak and hypocrisy are allowed to flourish. As long as Muslims can find someone else to blame for our ills, the problem is seen as resolved.

I say, enough is enough. Muslims cannot go on behaving as if everything is normal. We cannot sit still while a fascist cult of Islamic supremacy takes over our mosques.

We cannot afford it any more because we risk losing a generation to the temptation of simple answers to life's challenges; a solution that states that life on Earth is meaningless because it is temporary and therefore not worthy of sustaining, not worthy of enjoying.

I urge Muslims to recognize that a mosque is not the places for politics, it is a place of worship. Imams who peddle politics need to be told to take their politics to the electorate and not to the pulpit.

Religion and politics is an incendiary mixture and invoking God on one's side in a political dispute is dishonest, callous and dangerous. Let us tell our imams to keep their politics to themselves and not to stain our religion by using the divine texts to score political points and promote terror.

It is ironic that Muslim extremists are portraying themselves as anti-imperialist when, in fact, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are nothing more than a creation of the CIA. Muslims need to recognize that the agenda of these extremists is a cult of hate and fascism, not one of advocacy for their community.


Beheadings, The CBC and Cosmic Irony

I was about to blog on the piece I just saw on The National on CBC. It was called "The Enemy Within." The attempt of the piece was to discuss integration verses multiculturalism. The reporter examined the cases of Britain and the Netherlands. The report was a biased piece of naive and sympathetic crap.
But, then I read this article at Canada.com. I had already heard of the plan to behead the Prime Minister, but this report elaborated the plan.
"[Steven Chand] is being accused of plotting to storm the Parliament buildings, take hostages (and) make demands to remove Canadian troops from Afghanistan and to free Muslim prisoners... He is supposed to have planned to behead hostages if his demands werenÂ’t met... and to want to behead the Prime Minister. The last thing was that they were going to storm the CBC building downtown (in Toronto) to take over communications to broadcast their message."
That's right.
Storm the CBC building, take over communications and broadcast their message... to us infidels no doubt.
What an ending to the National that would have made.
The article at CTV mentions that Batasar, lawyer for Steven Chand, was upset over the fact that the Prime Minister expressed his happiness over the arrest of a man possibly planning to behead him. As yet, it's still not clear whether the threat was against himself or former Prime Minister Paul Martin. It seems likely that the threat may not have been connected with the man, but with the office.
But, I would like to ask Mr. Batasar a question. How would you like the Prime Minister to respond? Would astatementt of disappointment over the arrest of these individuals be more appropriate? "I regret to announce that an attempt on my life was foiled today. The suspects have been arrested and are now in custody. Better luck next time."
Batasar's statement on politicians trying to instill fear in the public is completely unacceptable. These men have been charged with attempting a terrorist attack. This situation is not the fault of politicians. It is the fault of a group of sick individuals who deserve incarceration, should they be found guilty. I am tired of these apologists for "freedom fighters." They are criminals, terrorists. I really don't care if Chand is perturbed by the allegations.
I'd like to give him something to be perturbed about.
A little repentance would go a long way right now, and I have to be frank; there isn't much to be found.

Terrorism: Questions about Islam

In light of Friday's arrest and occurrences in the world at large, some tough questions need to be leveled against Islam. These questions should not be addressed to the fringe groups, extremists or individuals, but should be asked of the community at large.
How is it that the individuals who get caught up in this sort of activity are often referred to as being pious, God-fearing people? The ring leader of the group arrested Friday was described as being a community role model. One of the men was described as being very pious. Others were described as being good citizens, despite the fact that at least two had already been arrested on weapons related charges. How do Muslims define the word pious, if one can plot to commit an act of terror and still retain this status within a religious community?
What is it about Islam that has historically made it prone to extremism? Why do so many believe that Jihad really does mean a war against the infidel, and includes terrorist actions? Please note that this is not the first time Islam has suffered such a problem. This sort of radical behaviour has been happening since Sunnis and Shi'ites first split.
Why are community leaders such as Mohammed Elmasry so often racist, anti-Semitic and extreme in their beliefs? If Islam is truly a peaceful religion, would it not be more appropriate to appoint someone to the position of head of the Canadian Islamic Congress who more accurately reflects Muslim values? Or are Elmasry's alarming statements on Israel indicative of the average Muslim's beliefs?
Why is there not even one instance of a peaceful Islamic state? Without exception, every Muslim nation suffers from either war, terrorism, corruption, dictatorship, and a general lack of civil or religious freedom. If Islam is a religion of peace, surely some of its adherents must be able to practice it correctly. If Islam is the best religion for the world, as all Muslims should believe (or why practice it), then why does it not offer a more positive template for future societies? Are we to assume that, should all the world one day come under Muslim rule, we should find ourselves in the condition of Iran?
The Muslim community needs to step up, take ownership of its problems and seek ways to remedy them. Issuing statements condemning certain actions, begging the global community for understanding, sending out pamphlets explaining the religion (of which I received two on Saturday) is insufficient. There is clearly an unnamed problem with the ranks of Islam and it must be addressed. Stop blaming other people.
It is not the fault of the war in Iraq.
It is not the fault of the war in Afghanistan.
It is not the fault of the war on terror.
It is not the fault of the US, Canada, the West, secularism or any other outside influences.
If these men, these terrorists, are usurping the religious authority and are perverting it for their own means, do what the Church has had to do... and more than once, I might add.
Kick them out.
Formally strip them of their authority.
Ban them from preaching.
Ban them from the mosque.
Declare them heretics.
Puny statements with no action against associated with them is meaningless. It gives the impression of apathy, incompetence and dare I say sympathy.
Stop whining about backlash and act!

Terrorism: Friday's Arrest

On Friday, 17 men were arrested. They have been charged with plotting to carry out a terrorist attack. Fifteen of the men are in court today. Of the 17 arrested, five of them are protected under the Young Offenders Act. There isn't much I can add to what we know or don't know about the suspects and their intended target or suspected modus operandi, but I would like to offer a few opinions on the whole mess.
No terrorist should be protected under the Young Offender's Act. Anyone who is capable of plotting to commit an act of terror is old enough to be tried in adult court. In the interest of public safety, information concerning these "young" offenders should be made publicly available. I don't believe in the Young Offender's Act anyway, but since we are stuck with it, the Act must be updated in order to accommodate the changing security needs of our country.
While I was watching a few news reports last night on the arrested men, I could not help but notice the age gap between the ring leader and his followers. Qayyum Abdul Jamal is 43 years old. He was the caretaker at a mosque and occasionally led prayer. Ironically, he was considered a "role model" at the mosque. That most of his followers were much younger than himself is a profound statement on Jamal's character, or lack thereof. Why could he not convince mature, experienced men to help him in his plan? Why did he require the pliable minds of the young? It seems likely that Jamal has some issues related to control. His behaviour in this regard is not unlike that of cult leaders.
Next closest to him in age is Shareef Abdelhaleen, who is 30 years old. His father furiously defended him on television last night, despite prior weapons related charges against him. The rest of the arrested men were 21 or younger. One, Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, is a recent graduate from McMaster University. At only 21 years of age, it would appear that planning to blow up a prominent Canadian building was on his "to do after graduation" list.
Way to make me proud of my alma mater.
As far as I can find, there has been no formal statement issued by the University or the Muslim Student's Association.
The head of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Mohammed Elmasry has been full of his usual crap, in an effort to deflect a possible backlash against the Muslim community. His latest plan is the newly created Nichola Goddard Scholarship In Peace And Conflict Studies, a PR stunt if ever there was one. To be frank, I doubt there will be much of a significant backlash. It's true, there have been some instances of vandalism. However, mass riots against the local mosque, beatings and so on are extremely unlikely. I am not even certain that Friday's arrest will resonate with most Canadians for longer than a week or two unless you are from Washago, where the terrorists were training. People will be content to live their lives, fatalistically believing that if an attack comes, there was nothing we could do anyway.

Red Ensign Standard

Glenda is hosting the Red Ensign Standard, Issue #43. Be sure to check it out.


Nanny: The Short Version

Were I ever to write a book, I have two people in my life who would make the perfect subjects. One is my Nanny, my mom's mom and the other is my Opa, my mother-in-law's dad. Since this post is intended for Glenda's upcoming issue of the Standard, and since I don't have much time to write, I will only wrote about my Nanny for now.

Where should I begin with the story of my Nanny? Marjorie Whitehand grew up in England and did not come to Canada until my mother was 16 (I am not sure how old she would have been at that point). Her story is one that took a long time to develop; it reached it's climax only six years ago, the year before my older sister was married. Nanny will be 81 this year. The events that would make her who she is today began a long time ago.
Nanny came from a fairly large family. To the best of my knowledge, there were at least 6 or 8 children. As far as I have been told, her mother died giving birth when Nanny was 9. Her father, unable to cope, abandoned the children to the local orphanage in Warwick. Fortunately, the orphanage had the good sense to keep all of the children together.
For those of you who are unaware, England still labours under its class system. This was even more the case pre-World War II. Being an orphan, or a "home kid" as it was called, immediately put you into a lower class of people. Kids then, as now, made fun of anyone who was different or of a lower class. Home kids were no exception and bore the brunt of what I can only assume was some very unkind teasing. Nanny and her brother Tommy looked out for the younger ones. The girls would enter service in their early teens (ie: they were maids). I am not certain what the boys did.
In 1939, England declared war on Germany. My Nanny lied about her age and joined the WRENS, the Women's Royal English Navy. I doubt very much that she did this as soon as war was declared, as she would only have been 14. I do know that she did lie in order to get in. As she tells it, there was a certain excitement to the war. Handsome soldiers were always milling about. She met a man, whose name no one knows but her, and had my mom's brother Peter. Towards the end of the war she met Ed Harlick, the man who would eventually be my Grandad.
Despite the excitement of World War 2, there was also tragedy. She experienced the bombing of London. Her brother Tommy joined the airforce in 1943 and was shot down only a year later. To this day she still remembers the circumstances under which she received the telegram. My mother keeps a copy of it with some old photographs of Nanny, Tommy and some family members who have since passed on.
After the war ended, Nanny and my Grandad moved to Portsmouth. My Grandad continued to serve in the Navy until the early 60's. My Grandad was not from England strictly speaking, but from Newfoundland. When his term of service ended, he decided to move his family back to Canada. Instead of Newfoundland, they moved to Toronto. My mother would eventually meet my father and get married. Nanny and Grandad later moved out to St. John's, Newfoundland only to move back to Toronto again.
At this point, Nanny's story took a bend that would have unforeseen consequences. On the move back, the moving company lost all of Grandad's service records and they were never recovered. There is no way to recover this lost information, as up until the mid 70's, England would give their servicemen and women all of their information upon leaving the Army, Navy or Airforce. This policy has since been changed.
Nanny also decided to cut all contact with her remaining family in England. Up until this time, she regularly (or at least irregularly) wrote to relatives. What made her decide to stop has never been explained, but it is something she deeply regrets. Over the next 30 years, she would have no communication with her family at all. She decided that it was a chapter in her life that was now closed. She would never be able to go back to England. Better to carry on as best as she possibly could.
One day, about 6 or 7 years ago, sometime after my Grandad died, my uncle Martin began looking on the web for some information on the Whitehand's. He came across a site that had a list of Whitehand relatives and where they were living. Two people were of particular interest: a John who was living in Australia, and Mary who was living in the Warwick area in England. Nanny plucked up the courage, which must have been considerably difficult, and called Mary.
It was her sister.
I can only imagine the tears that must have flowed between them. Only a year before, their sister Violet had died. Nanny deeply regrets that she did not find Mary earlier, in time to see Violet. Both women were widowers. Uncertain as to whether or not John was indeed a relative, it appeared that they were the only two left.
That year, Nanny made a trip to England to visit Mary. It was the first time she had been back since coming to Canada... a space of forty years. She visited the orphanage she grew up in, went to the little house on Mallins Rd in Portsmouth that was her home for so many years. I have no doubt that she must have battled many ghosts from her past.
My mother went back to England for a visit, also her first visit since coming to Canada. The next year, Mary came to visit. Then Nanny visited. Then I and my sister visited. Then Mary visited again. It seems likely that there will be more visits in the future. As for my Nanny, I can only say that at the end of your life, it must be good to have some closure.



h/t: Darcey

At some point, and it's not clear to me when, under the former Liberal government polygamy was recognized for the purposes of spousal support and inheritance payments. How that got by without anyone hearing about it until now is beyond me.
The CBC takes a fairly in-depth look at the polygamous community in Bountiful, British Columbia. I can't believe I am recommending reading something from the CBC, but I think everyone should take the time to read through it. There are a few points worth noting.
2003: ... Utah legislature approves tougher penalties for men who take young girls as their plural wives. Child bigamy... is punishable by 1 to 15 years in prison... Hildale police officer Rodney Holm, who was wed... to his wife's sister, is convicted of one count of bigamy and two counts of unlawful sex with a minor. He is sentenced to one year in jail.
One year only?
That's a slap on the wrist!!
What's worse is that this man is a police officer. He is supposed to enforce the law, not break it. Does anyone know if he was kicked off the police force? The article does not say.
APRIL 16, 2005: Winston Blackmore holds a polygamy summit in Creston, British Columbia and invites Attorneys General from Idaho and British Columbia. They don't attend... Fifteen of Winston's plural wives attend a conference in Winnipeg that focuses on sexual abuse in closed communities. The wives make national news by urging the federal government to raise the age of sexual consent to 16 from 14.
Time to ask an obvious rhetorical question.
If polygamous marriage is so wonderful for these wives (as its advocates claim) why do these wives want the age of consent raised? Could it be because polygamous marriages often have a high degree of abuse, especially against young girls, associated with them?
JUNE 16, 2005: An Arizona grand jury indicts Warren Jeffs on two counts of felony child sex abuse for his role in planning and performing the marriage of a 16-year-old girl to a man that was already married.... Jeffs also faces 2 civil suits... one from young men expelled from the church and another from a nephew who has accused him of sexual abuse.... One suit, launched last July by Brent Jeffs, alleges that Warren Jeffs, his uncle, began molesting him when he was five.
So, this guy is not just a deviant when it comes to women and girls. No, he molests boys too. Is there anyone out there who still thinks polygamy is a good thing? Let me try to change your mind.
Warren Jeffs is rumored to have at least 50 wives, possibly more. Winston Blackmore has 26 wives and at least 80 children. They and their fellow freak-shows masquerading as Christians (and Mormons, especially this type, are nothing close to Christians) believe that if a man wants to find salvation, enter the celestial kingdom of God and possibly become a God himself, he needs at least three wives. Interesting that the goal for these people is to become a God.
Serpent, anyone?
The two women interviewed in this piece have both fled their communities and are now quite outspoken against polygamous unions. One of these women is Jane Blackmore, Winston's first wife. The other woman, Debbie Palmer, was forced to marry a 57 year old man when she was only 15. Good for them, says I!

I would like to reiterate the Liberal Parties stated position on polygamy, just in case you had any doubts.
The Federal government commissioned the study into polygamy weeks before it introduced same-sex legislation in June 2005. There was concern that legalized homosexual marriage could lead to constitutional challenges from minority groups who claim polygamy as a religious right. The polygamy debate hit the news when Conservative leader Stephen Harper warned that same sex marriage could make polygamy legal in Canada. Former PM Paul Martin said that polygamy would never be legal in Canada. Former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler denied there was any link between the two issues. "We don't see any connection - I repeat, any connection - between the issue of polygamy and the issue of same sex marriage."
Meanwhile, these guys had already partially legalized it.
It is an alarming statement on the moral status of our country when a law like this can slip through and no one knows of it until well after the fact. This law is even more alarming in light of the post I made yesterday regarding pedophilia. There is simply no excuse for allowing this sort of sexual deviance and violence against those who have no means to defend themselves. The government should working hard to protect the weak and the innocent. They should not be making excuses for predators. We need action and we need it now. There should be tough sentences for these men and some sort of program to help the women in these communities escape.
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