And you thought the Sponsorship Scandal news was over.
According to the Canadian Press (article reprointed at Canada.com) Guite... produced a letter from Chretien's former chief of staff, Jean Pelletier, that showed the Prime Minister's Office would have a say in the awarding of contracts.
The PMO knew about the awarding of contracts?
It can't be!
They all swore innocence!
The April 1995 letter to blah blah blah David Dingwall said blah blah blah rules governing advertising and polling contracts.
Polling contracts?
I don't even want to know anymore.


Brian Lemon said...

The Smoking Gun...
Almost as bad as the cover up of the smoking gun.

Prairie Kid said...

I don't think you should be so hard on them. After all, they are "entitiled to their entitlements" aren't they?

PGP said...

Tiresome and un-ending as it may be... once you start a job it's usually a good idea to finish it!

I hope to see some LIberals in jail.
And lets not forget about the Income Trust fiasco!
Even though NO-ONE will go to jail I'd like to see SOMEONE get pilloried!

georgev said...

I hope that smoking gun was registered.

Matt said...

I hope that smoking gun was registered.

uhhh...I refuse to answer that

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