Nanny State

Canada is quickly becoming a nation of rules without reason. The irony is that most of our self-inflicted rules are utterly useless and do nothing to combat genuine problems in our society. Children must be in carseats until they are 8, but can have sex at 14. Smoking is soon to be illegal everywhere but your house in Ontario, but had the Conservatives not been elected, marijuana would have been legalized.
The latest?
Ottawa city politicians will begin debate this week on a program to get people to stop using perfume, scented soaps, cleaners, and deodorants and possibly ban them altogether in public places.
The rationale?
[A] 1999 survey of Canadians that found 2.5 million people suffer from asthma. Two other studies show that fragrances can trigger attacks in 72 per cent of people who have asthma.
There is no mention of where those 2.5million people live. I'd be willing to bet that cities like Hamilton have greater asthma problems than Ottawa.
Their example of similar schemes?
The universities of Toronto and Calgary, the Kingston General Hospital, and some federal buildings in Ottawa-Gatineau have also adopted programs designed to get people to use less perfumed products.
Please note that many hospitals have fragrance-free policies. Hospitals are also not general cases and shouldn't be used as examples of how Joe-Average-Citizen lives. Furthermore, there is no mention as to whether or not the federal buildings mentions house any employees with breathing problems.
Banning fragrance use within a city is a ridiculous notion. People should be turning their attention to genuine social ills... like rising drug use in teens, or prostitution.


Hannah said...

It is 34 degrees celcius out today. It's HOT! It's almost summer.

I don't know about anyone else, but hot weather makes me sweat and sweat usually smells.....sweaty. I STINK in the summer if I don't wear deoderant.

...oh, and they can have my vanilla body lotion when they pry it from my stinky rotting fingers!!!

Matt said...

Riding city busses in Ottawa, half the time I wish people either used MORE deoderant or purchased better stuff.

Perhaps to protest this we could all avoid showering for a week and attend a city council meeting. Of course, we'll need to play a massive game of outdoor soccer just before the meeting.

PGP said...

Sounds to me like Ottawa civic politics is a training ground for future Dippers.

William E. Demers said...

The government has no right to tell us we can only smoke in our homes. If adults wish to smoke they should be permitted to do so. I understand in certain public areas the law is to protect people who do not wish to be exposed to second hand smoke (that's fine). But private institutions such as tobacconists, cigar lounges, gentlemen's clubs are suffering for no reason. This anti-smoking movement goes against the freedoms that Canadians should have.

Hannah said...

And this morning I was amused by the response to the new province-wide ban on smoking.

Walking into work, I passed a group of about 4 or 5 employees sitting outside having their morning smoke. It's not like they were ignorant of the ban. They were sitting there talking about it and talking about how the ashtrays would have to be removed from in front of the buildings.

It was...amusing. I think.

Les Mackenzie said...

Banning fragrance use within a city is a ridiculous notion. People should be turning their attention to genuine social ills... like rising drug use in teens, or prostitution.

*cough* Liberals want to legalize hookers *cough*

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