My First Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day. I feel the need to pause and reflect, albeit with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.
I am the #1 Mom.
The necklace my husband bought me on behalf of my daughter even says so.
All you other #1 Mom's out there can just step aside.
Before you laugh though, consider this. In the eyes of my child, especially now since she's only 8 months and doesn't know the first thing about any of my inadequacies or short-comings, I really am #1 Mom. If she's hungry, tired, irritable, sick, sad, or just in need of a cuddle, I am the person she will turn to first. Sometimes this is at the expense of poor Dad. However, as my husband rightly said, if Eden is going to cling to someone, better it be me than some random stranger or daycare peon.
Let's talk about daycare for a moment, shall we. ;-)
Better yet, let's not. Instead, let us quietly reflect on what we would be giving up if we allowed the state to raise our children. And if, like me, you are #1 Mom in the eyes of your child, then you know what that is.
And besides, when was the last time you saw a necklace that said #1 Daycare Peon?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while you can. You've got roughly 13 years until she starts questioning your short-comings, and then the next 15 after that of coming to the point where she realizes they don't matter. Likely by that point she could have a child of her own to say the same things about.

Blogette said...

Happy Mummy's Day!

YAY Mummies!


Matt said...

My mom is my hero, and I've read a few posts on your blog that tell me you're going to be someone's hero too. Happy Mother's day :)

Sara said...

Beautiful, just beautiful and you know what I have 2 of those necklaces and waiting for my 3rd since I have 3 kids lol....

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