More on Sovereignty

A little while ago I wrote on the Sovereign Will of God and the will of man. I just happened to come across a similar post on another blog, Castle Sands. I have never read this blog before.
The post is called Sovereignty and Humility. The author states:
Believing in the sovereignty of God is not sufficient for us to entrust to Him every circumstance of life... Because unless we bow before God's sovereignty in humility, we will be at odds with the particular concrete outworking of His sovereignty... If we are to benefit from, and enjoy the sovereignty of God, we must rid ourselves of the pretence of knowing what is best for us, and to allow the decrees of God to take their appointed course. We must combine a belief in the sovereignty of God with humility, otherwise we will simply be fearing whatever God might permit or forbid.
This has definitely given me some food for thought. I may write more on the topic later.

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