Conservative Budget Vote

The Conservative budget is up for a vote this evening. It looks like it will pass, since the Bloc have decided to support it. The NDP and Liberals are planning on voting it down.
One wonders what they would do if the Bloc were not going to support the budget. Would the other two parties have the balls to vote the budget down and drag everyone back to the polls? I admit, I have my doubts. It seems much more likely that they are posturing because they can.


Mr Ed said...

I'd love to go back to the poles now... the Liberals are bankrupt both morally and monitarily, The NDP would be responsible for forcing 2 elections in under a year, and the Tory's can point out that they did what they campaigned on during the last election...or at the very least completed part of the job in only a few months and need a proper mandate to follow through on the balance... they can safely add in a few tidbits like Air India, Gun laws, Min sentences in Crime, A minister of justice actually proposing a new prison?!? etc,... ya, an election today would probably be a very good thing for the tory's

Sara said...

its over it passed....

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