Carolyn Bennett's Website

Has anyone out there looked at Carolyn Bennett's website?
I have a usability background. Now, I'm not saying I know everything, and I'm not saying I've never made a mistake.
But look at her site!!!
It's this random collection of images. I suppose the feel is supposed to be that of an office. It would have been a good idea, but for the truly brutal execution. Take a look at her blog, I dare you. I mean, a Blackberry? And each image has to load when you click next?
Did she dictate the design herself, or did some peon come up with this? Given what I have seen, it would not at all surprise me if this piece of cybercrap was her idea.
Politicians, Liberal Leader hopefuls, Ms. Bennett's site is a lesson in how not to build a website. Please, hire a professional. Don't do it yourself. And as an aside, charging $50-$75 an hour does not necessarily mean they are a professional.


Civitatensis said...

Yeap. That was pathetic. I'd have to agree.

VW said...

Well, on the one hand it's a refreshing change from the generic Liberal template that MPs used when starting a site.

And I hate to say this, but this probably *was* designed by a professional -- a graphics-oriented professional. Probably on the advice of her filmmaker husband.

She *does* have a more conventional website:

and the blog there looks and reads a lot better than this one.

Brian Lemon said...

I couldn't resist:

funkmeister said...

That site sucks! I downloaded the image...it's 360kb! That's a little big for a webpage.

funkmeister said...

Her website should be submitted to Web Pages that Suck.

Temujin said...

It is unique, that's for sure. But not very user-friendly.

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