100 Day Run Down

Politics Watch has an interesting article on Harper's first 100 Days as Prime Minister. It's a pretty good article, if you like concise newsbriefs.
The quote from Liberal Leader Bill Graham is a killer though. I don't know why the author chose to include it.
"In just 100 days, a disturbing picture has been formed of this prime minister and his government, one that Canadians should be deeply concerned about," said interim Liberal leader Bill Graham in a statement. "It is a picture of a prime minister who is so politically opportunistic that he consistently turns his back on his own promises of ethics and accountability and chooses vote-buying measures over sound policies that are in the best interest of the country."
Politically opportunistic.
Such an accusation from a Liberal (and not just any Liberal, their party leader) is totally laughable.


x2para said...

Vote buying?? What does he think that so called national day care scheme was?

Paul MacPhail said...

Better yet, the umpteenth-budget-of-2005 we gotta get re-elected or else please please don't fire us re-election bribe of a 1% cut in the first income tax bracket racket.

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