Stay At Home Moms Vs. Dijksma

I saw this at Lifesite, via The Politic, and was outraged. There's more at the Brussels Journal. Dijksma even has a blog entry about it. (It's in Dutch, which I don't speak or read. The link is here for informational purposes only.)
An MP of the Dutch Labour Party has suggested that stay-at-home mothers who used state subsidies for their education should pay the government back since their work at home is "wasted" on child rearing. Sharon Dijksma believes that punitive measures should be taken against women who choose to stay at home with children after graduating from university instead of entering the paid workforce. "A highly educated woman who chooses to stay home and not to work: that is destruction of capital," said Dijksma...
I don't suppose you are a friend of Ms. Hirshman are you, Ms. Dijksma?
Destruction of capital!!
Because money is worth more than people.
Screw you Dijksma!!
Dijksma explains that her proposal is a logical consequence of the Dutch system of subsidizing students. Society finances their studies with government scholarships, hence it is only normal that they pursue a professional career or repay. "If someone chooses not to work, then there should be a substantial repayment," she said.
Yet another idiot who thinks that raising kids isn't work. The article at the Brussels Journal mentions that Dijksma wasn't able to finish her education in the first place. I bet you I could crush this unremarkable piece of feminazi garbage in a battle of wits!! I have more brains in my pinky finger that she does in her entire body!!!
Unfortunately, it would appear that some of her fellow party members support her idea. Just goes to show you that morons of a feather flock together! Please tell me, oh enlightened ones, how you expect society to function when everyone stops having kids or raising the ones they do have? How do you expect the world to continue? Or is that the future's problem, oh shapers of a society gone utterly mad?
I can't wait till the day when all of us out here who LIKE kids and WANT large families breed out these good for nothing, waste of skin, materialistic, self-centered freak shows!!!

Now excuse me while I go off to fume for a while!!!


Shane said...

Actually, even by her own reasoning she is plain wrong.

See, there is value in having highly educated women staying at home to reaise their kids. They are not squandering their education. They are passing on their education to their children. They are giving their kids the advantage of having a highly educated parent directly involved in their raising and early education, resulting in a superior motivation and superior perparation for formal schooling. they have higher expectations as a result of their educated parent. And certainly a SAHM who has a master's degree is going to be able to pass along a higher level of acheivement to her progeny than a child care worker with an 8 month diploma in ECE.

fzmousie said...

I will join you in the fuming. That is OUTRAGEOUS!!

Sara said...

Screw you Dijksma!!

i second that motion!

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