Proposed Changes To Our Tax System

Further to this morning's notice, I have decided to post my thoughts on changes to our tax system. I plan to send an email later on today.

1. End all forms of double and triple taxation. Property taxes and provincial sales tax should be deductible from federal tax. The gas tax should also be eliminated.
2. Children are the future of our society; support the family. Lower income tax paid by single income families, where one parent stays at home. Provide incentives for parents who remain at home to raise their children.
2a. Recognize the contribution of mothers to society. Women who opted out of careers in order to raise their families should receive a pension equal to a percentage of their spouses income.
3. Education is important. Eliminate the GST on school supplies.
4. Eliminate all forms of "sin tax." If a government is not willing to outlaw a particular behaviour that it deems to be potentially harmful, then it has no right to make money from it.
5. Assist the elderly. Eliminate income tax for those who are retired war veterans, are on CPP or have a foreign pension.


Reg said...

Mortgage interest should be deductable.

Anonymous said...

Reg, the reason that mortgage interest is not deductible is that the capital gain on your principal residence is not.

Do some simple math and, unless you live on a recently discovered toxic waste dump, the value lies in the absence of capital gains tax.

FYI in the US the mortgage interest is deductible, but gains are taxed after a reasonable deductible.

Anonymous said...

I was with you until #4. I politely and humbly disagree if your suggestion is to eliminate tax on cigarettes. I feel like crying everytime I see a young girl at the bus shelter smoking but then I smile from ear to ear when I hear a young woman telling her friend on the bus that she doesn't have a smoke because they are too expensive.

I guess I've just seen too many of my friends cut down by cancer so I will make sure to email the Finance Minister to encourage him to maintain and maybe raise cigarette taxes so can help protect in a small way the next generation of women.

Sara said...

i agree!

dragev said...

Sara, please elaborate why you agree.

I thought your "sin tax" suggestion was good. Although, I agree that cigarettes and alcohol consumption should be discouraged, I don't believe it is the responsibility of the state to discourage their use.

I assume the tax is justified to deal with the social problems caused by the "sin". OK, so perhaps we can justify the tax, ONLY if the tax collected goes straight into a fund that pays for all the social programs that deal with the problems resulting from the "sin". The social programs that deal with the "sins" should solely be funded by these "sin taxes", and if there is a shortfall, then the taxes may be raised.

...But come to think about it, this is NONSENSE because it seems to me that it would be near impossible to determine the social cost of these "sins". My guess is there is no monetary limit to the social cost of these "sins".

Let natural consequences deter people from indulging in "sin", not taxes!

(Social "sins" are obviously more complex than simply an economic cost. For example, I have a problem with people smoking in public areas because non-smokers become subject to the consequences of smoking --- assault in a very real sense --- or they become severely limited in their ability to move freely in public)

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