This is a first for me.
I am blogging on Britney Spears. The skank extraordinaire is pregnant again.
In fact, she is three months pregnant. When she gives birth, sometime in September, her two children will be roughly a year apart. My first thought was along the lines of "That's unusual for a celebrity." My second was "I wonder if she was breastfeeding." The strain on you body of trying to sustain three individuals is considerable, which is why my husband and I are actively trying not to get pregnant until Eden is weaned (at nine months).
I seriously hope she isn't one of those women who mistakenly believed breastfeeding works as a form of birth control. Although the chances of getting pregnant before the third month is pretty rare, beyond that it is not only possible, but happens with alarming regularity (especially if you are healthy).
Still, I can't fault her for having more kids. As much as I dislike her, I respect women who opt to have family. Hopefully, she will remember that they are more important than her career.


Shane said...

...as long as she isn't trying to drive with the TWO of them in her lap...

Although frankly given her history and her personal recreational habits, I can't think that her kids are going to have a good childhood. Unless she changes a lot.

Sara said...

having the close is a plus but also hard too, she is young she will bounce back easily and I think she realizes that.. hehe if she thought breast feeding was a form of birth control then she was proven wrong eh lol

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